Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paint jobs

Since I've been so remiss in updating my blog, I decided to upload a few pictures of some of my painted figures.  There's no rhyme or reason, just various figures I've taken photos of.
Here's a skimmer I made out of a toy cell phone from the Dollar Tree, inspired by the "Heart of Gold" episode of Firefly.
Some Nasty Hishen that I got from Two Hour Wargames, now available from Acheson.
RSM colonial British light infantry.

A Dixon western figure in front of Fiddler's Green store, enlarged from HO scale.
E. Johnson, Five-fingered Jake, a Grenadier car, and a 1/48 model of a Piper Super Cub, all used in my Cherry 2000 game at Bayou Wars.
And 15mm Kurgen (not-Mangalores) from Rebel Minis.  Lovely figures, and so easy to paint!

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