Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eureka Boilersuit Apes & Chronoscape Alice

I just got a bunch of the Eureka Boilersuit Apes, and the ones in space suits.  Really nice figures.  Since both my wife and I are oil field brats, I decided on bright coveralls.  The Eureka guns are so nice that I tried something different on them.  I painted them Ceramcoat Charcoal and washed them with undiluted P3 armor wash.  All figures were primed grey, block painted in base colors, and then given a brown wash followed by a thin black wash.  The faces were painted Reaper Pro Paint Ruddy Flesh, and washed with old GW Flesh Wash.  I suspect that P3 Flesh Wash would do as good a job.  The eyes were painted a very pale yellow, and given black pupils.  As always, click on the picture for a larger one.

Since I just finished reading "The Seige of Leningrad", they were all given Russian names.

I especially like the boss figure, so he's Leonid!

I looked at both US and Soviet spacesuits, and decided 5 figures with white suites would just be too boring to paint, so I harkened back to the old science fiction movie, "Destination: Moon", and used it for inspiration.

And, of course, I refound my Reaper figure of Alice.  I painted her as one of the stills on Google.  I am dreaming of replacing Carol Lee in the Two-Hour Wargames Risks & Rewards with Alice.  Let's see, Rep 6, Ambidextrous, Sidewalk Demon, has the Razor bullet-avoiding move, 2 BA pistols, and 2 khukri, which the axe stats can be used for.


  1. I love those ape figs. I did some a couple of years ago, and have a couple more packs in the pile o' lead. Must resist breaking them out.

  2. Great paint job! Do you intend to play the apes in New Beginnings ?

  3. Nice sets i like the space set best i think

  4. Awesome work Ken! I hope to see them on the table at Bayou Wars 2012...LOL!