Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Newly finished French & Indian War figures.

I just finished one each of all the different Ranger figures (except Cobham's Rangers) in the Old Glory pack.  This is more than enough to play Long Rifle by Two Hour Wargames.  The figures are painted in a mixture of crafts paints and wargame paints.  As always, primed in grey.  And as always, click on the pic to see a larger one.
And here are the d*%^edOld Glory Highlanders.  These figures have been in the bag for for maybe 10 years, as their muskets and bayonets show.  I just realized that I failed to paint the grenadier's bayonet.  I have 8 or 9 more to do, thought I already have 11.  There arre 3 grenadiers in the bag, so they'll just finish a squad.


  1. Wow, those look great! Nice use of the backdrop, that really adds a lot to the picture. I enjoyed your first Long Rifle batrep. I'm looking forward to seeing more. What manufacturer made your Indians?

  2. Ken,

    Your figures look good. I especially like your Highlanders.


  3. They are very nice. I was almost tempted into doing some historical stuff for this period. I spotted some Conquest minatures which started that itch off. I've managed to resist so far only because the figures i really want are now oop