Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And more pointless painting!

First up is a minotaur that I didn't paint.  I believe that Thomas Huber painted it, but it could have been Mike White.  Both gave hoards of stuff when they left the city after Katrina.  I found him painted but in pieces.  All I did was glue him back together and rebase him, and now he doesn't stand very well on soft surfaces.  For use in Red Sand Black Moon.

The dark elf-ess(?) is an OOP Grenadier I just picked up on eBay.  Her blade is painted in OOP Reaper Pro Paint Red Steel.  For use in Red Sand Black Moon.

Here we have an Archive Miniatures (OOP, of course) not-Greedo that I found in the lead pile!  5150.

And here's an OOP Archive Miniatures not-Han Solo I found a while back.  Now if I could just run across the bunny stormtroopers!  5150.

This is a mobster, his moll, and his bodyguard for an upcoming 5150 New Beginnings game.
Left to right: Caesar, bodyguard, Chronoscope; Xantha, disguised Razor, click figure, and Charlie "the hatchet" Salvagio, mob boss, Chronoscope, all recently painted.

Chronoscope Nova Corporation security team.  I have 2 more to paint.  5150.

This is an old Grendle or Scotia figure, resin, that came 6 identical figures to the pack, for Red Sand Black Moon

These are figures for my old Scavvy gang for Necromunda.  I've been re-arranging things from plastic office drawers to Really Useful Boxes, and these reared their ugly heads.  The middle figure was my scavvy king, and is wearing a McDonalds crown.

A selection of greys from Brigade Games.  I have 10 or 12 painted.  5150.

Hishen, originally from Two Hour Wargames, now available from Acheson, as imagined in 5150.  I have a dozen painted.

And Grath, also former Two Hour Wargames, now from Acheson, straight out of 5150!

Thanks for looking.  No rhyme or reason, just stuff I enjoyed painting!


  1. Great stuff. If I didn't have to be out the door I could spend hours here. Not sure why I hadn't followed until now, but here I am.

  2. Thomas Huber painted the minotaur, and gave it to me 6 months or so after Katrina, when he moved to Boston