Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey, it's been a long time!

Well, It's been way too long since a post, but that's been because of long days, lots of rain, and having a cold.  Enough excuses?

All I have to show are a few painted figures.  I finally finished my 42 Gunga Din highlanders.  21 were finished a while ago, and I just up and finished the rest so they could get off my painting table.  I added a piper who has no use whatsoever in the game, but hey!  The Gunga Din is one I painted a while back.  All figures are Ral Partha.

I also have a creature that I bought on sale from FRPGames.  It was called "Nightmare Beast", and reminded me of a poem I wrote during my college days that got published in the UNO yearly poetry book.  The poem was written to make fun of a friend who always had doom and gloom poems.I added male genatalia, because he just didn't seem nasty enough.  It's an Elmore Masterworks "Nightmare Beast"
Nest is a Chronoscope mechanic who I painted up sweaty and dirty.  I have the same figure to paint to use the assault gun that also came in the pack.
And lastly, a Pinnacle figure that I converted, adding his rifle, for a Deadlands game for my character, also a while back.

Currently I am working on a group of nude and semi-nude figures, NWS, that I hope to finish soon.  Unfortunately, having time to paint or play means work is slow, which it will be with the upcoming holidays.


  1. Ken,

    The piper is who helps scare the enemy! When he is playing, all Highlanders should get an automatic +2 to all die rolls! :^)

    A good looking unit of brave Hielan' laddies!!


  2. Great work - love the Highlanders - "See ye, Jimma!"

  3. Love the highlanders superb sir! That monster is great also very nice.