Saturday, March 30, 2013

Looting the farm, a Warrior Heroes Legends skirmish

I wanted to become more familiar with the combat in WHL and the heroic melee optional add-on.  So I set up a little skirmish in which 4 barbarians would attempt to overcome a Milesian farm.

The background:
Barbarian raids had become a little too familiar in the area of Heimdal's farm.  So when he and his brother-in-law Golroth decided to add a new compound to the farm, they kept their weapons nearby.  Heimdal's first wife had died several years back, and he became acquainted with a young shield maiden, Friztkie, and married her.  His teenage son Hymie didn't seem to care, since she was a better cook than his father.  Hymie had just returned with their flock of sheep and was practicing with his sling, his only weapon.

Toondar the barbarian had convinced some drinking buddies that a farm raid was just the thing to keep them in ale.  Maki, a mongol bowman, Ali, a Saracen, and Raquel, a spearwoman liked ale enough to join him.

The Barbarians
All the figures, except the missile men,  have the standard Warriror attribute of Resilient.
Ali, Rep 4, spear, AC2, and Vicious.
Maki, Rep 3, bow, sword, shield, dagger, AC2, no attribute.
Toondar, Rep 5, 2-handed axe, AC2, no additional attribute. The leader.
Raquel, Rep 4, spear, dagger, AC2, Brawler.

The Milesians
Golroth, Rep 4, 2-handed sword, AC2, Strong-willed.
Hymie, Rep 3, sling, AC2, no attribute.
Friztkie, Rep 4, sword, shield, AC2, Rage.
Heimdal, Rep 5, 2-handed axe, AC2, no additional attribute.  The leader.

The barbarians crept up on the farm, and saw the two men working on the fences, and the teenager practicing with his sling.  They did not see Friztkie bathing in the stream behind the house.  There was a large open space to cover, and though the men were busily mending the fence, they saw the barbarians long before they could reach them, except Hymie, who went down with an arrow and not a sound before he knew the barbarians were there.

Turn 2: Barbarians 1, Milesians 2
Heimdal and Golroth advance to charge range and do so!  
Friztkie hears the commotion and comes running, but can't get within charge range.

Heimdal and Toondar swing and miss, neither gaining advantage.  Golroth rushes Raquel, and is pushed back in heroic combat, with Raquel following up.  Ali charges Heimdal, and is pushed back.  Heimdal can't follow up because he's locked in with Toondar. 

Activation now goes to the barbarians.  Toondar and Heimdal keep one another at bay.  Golroth knocks Raquel down, even after being pushed back.  Maki fires at Fritzkie and misses.  She is caught unprepared, and runs for the cover of the house.  Ali charges Heimdal again, and is pushed back again.

Turn 3:  Barbarians 6, Milesians 5 (this was going to become familiar to the barbarians)
Toondar knocks Heimdal down.  Golroth keeps Raquel prone.  Friztkie is too far to benefit from Heimdal's leadership.  Besides, he's prone, not Carrying On.

Turn 4 Barbarians 6, Milesians 4
Heimdal safely stands up.  Raquel successfully holds Golroth off, but Friztkie charges in and kills her.
Turn 5: Barbarians 5, Milesians 2
Toondar and Heimdal tie again, and Ali charges in, and gets knocked down!  Golroth and Frizkie charge Toondar.  Golroth is evenly matched, and Friztkie gets knocked down!
Turn 6: Barbarians 2, Milesians 5
Heimdal pushes Toondar back, and then knocks him down. Ali stands up.  Maki fires at Golroth and misses, and Golroth ignores it!

Turn 7: Barbarians 5, Milesians 2
Since Toondar is prone, his Rep cannot be used to motivate his troops.  (This may have been a GM error, since he would stand up at the beginning of the turn.)
Heimdal probably makes a strategic error and choses to charge Ali, since Toondar can only stand up.  Ali pushed Heimdal back, and then is knocked down by Golroth, who also charges in.

Turn 8: Barbarians 1, Milesians 6
Toondar attacks Heimdal again, and is killed for his trouble!  Ali stands up.
And gets knocked down again by Golroth!
 Maki looses an arrow at Friztkie, which enrages her and she charges him.  He fires again and misses.  And
is killed by Friztkie!
Ali is an NPC and outnumbered 3 to 1, and flees.

If you haven't obtained the heroic melee combat, some of the Knock Downs may seem a little strange.  The Recover from Knock Down chart is exchanged for one in which, condensed, pass 2d6,loser is pushed back 2" with the winner automatically remaining in contact. Pass 1d6, knocked down and must spend one full activation prone before arising.  Pass 0d6, OOF.  This makes the melee in small groups like the ones I used more detailed, and perhaps last longer.

I tried to make the groups as equal as possible, since I was getting used to the rules, and wanted to learn the mechanics without too much falderol.  Of course, this little skirmish didn't take into account People and Savvy skills, but those are more role play goodies.

I'm very happy with this, my first attempt to use the system.  I was a little disappointed that the slinger had no chance to return fire, but, oh, well.  
All of the Milesians are from Alternative Armies.
Toondar is a slotta-base figure of I know not what manufacturer.  Maki and Raquel are old GW, and Ali is from Harlequin, now Black Tree Design.

The totals, and after battle dodads.  Maki OOF'ed 1 figure, and then missed 4 times.  Heimdal killed Toondar, his opposite number.  Friztkie did best, killing 2 figures.  Hymie died of his wound.  The Milesians have gained 1 helmet, a sword, a shield, a bow, a dagger, and a 2-handed axe.  Friztkie may be able to wear the fur bikini after some alterations.  Probably no one wants Toondars fur loincloth. But boots are always welcome.


  1. Very good game-report!
    I love the pictures: very "lifeful" (not for everybody!)

    1. Yeah, sometimes I forget that some may be offended. Just trying to use figures that have been painted for 15 years.

  2. Nice batrep and pics, Happy Easter!

  3. Funky minis and a fun game. I'd like to see more.

  4. The next one will be man vs. orcs.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! Learning the rules. Orcs vs. a party led by a foot knight in full armor.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's fun using stuff that's been sitting in a box for way too long.