Monday, July 22, 2013

Elephants and Gatlings!

Since all gamers have short attention span, I decided to paint up two elephants with Gatling guns on their backs.  This is in tribute to Gunga din, of course!  I lost my two Ral Partha Gatling guns in Katrina, and haven't replaced them until last week, when I ordered a pack from Dave Kemper through Great Endeavours.  So without further delay, here they are.

Yes, Virginia, I did have two Redoubt Tiger Hunts.  In my defense, they were bought many years apart.  The platforms have craft plywood bases and coffee stirrer sides.  The nails were added with a disposable drafting pen.  The elephants were painted in a method described to me by Vince Clyant of The London War Room many years ago.  They are painted with metallic spray paint, and then dull-coated.

Although the Gatlings in the movie are disassembled, I didn't want to go to that much trouble, so you just pick them out of the boxes and set them on the ground.  They will be manned by two Highlanders each with their rifles cut away, and, of course, an officer.  They are in process!  Here's a picture of how they will be uniformed.
The assembled Gatlings can be removed and baggage substituted, or can provide an improvised howdah that can hold two figures (a little shakily).

Once again, thanks for looking, and comments are welcome!


  1. Nice old Ral Partha troopers! Great Gatling models, too.

  2. Nice job those elephants are ace!

    1. That painting method seems to work.

  3. Fantastic idea and thanks for the tip on the elephants. They look quite good.

  4. Thanks! I steal every painting tip I can get andd try to pass them on.