Monday, July 29, 2013

Using the elephant-carried Gatling gun.

Here is my take on how the elephant-carried Gatling gun would be used in Colonial Adventures 2.0 and The Sword and the Flame.  It is nowhere as quick as a limbered gun, but about the same as a mule-packed screw gun.

My feeling is that the elephants would need to be removed much farther than a horse limber or pack mule, since they are more intelligent.

RAFM makes an elephant-carried Gatling gun set, but it uses two elephants per Gatling, which is correct.  I find the elephants to be rather weird. I just use 1 elephant because they're expensive, and 1 figure represents more than 1 man...


  1. I'm with you, one elephant is sufficient.

  2. I hear you. Following the logic of "Major General ...'s site, 2 elephants would take up too much space. I still follow his 3/4" round base for foot soldiers rule. My building are larger, however.