Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Boring Boers & another pointless nude!

I haven't been able to play a single game since Colonial Battles III, so here's a few things I painted.  Dale Kemper was there of Stellar Miniatures, and among other things, I picked up 2 20-man units of Boers.  Then I went through some figures Al Reis had given me and found a half-painted unit of Boers and artillerymen.  A look through a box donated by Paul Harruff found a few Boer corporals by Falcon US and 18 - 20 mounted Boers by Ral Partha.  Here's the first stuff I painted.

A unit of Ral Partha's with a Falcon US corporal.

A unit of Ral Partha's with a couple of artillerymen converted by Al Reis, including the corporal.
And the Ral Partha artillerymen with a Falcon US officer.  Al had painted them for German Southwest Africa, and I painted them "freely interpreted" for the second Boer War.
And finally, to maintain my salacious reputation, an old sorceress I recently obtained and painted on the misspelled Pegasus "Alter of Evil".
Not much of a post, but all I've got at the present.


  1. Ooo, errr...missus - the sorceress is a bit racy! Great minis all round BTW ;)

  2. Well, at least you have to click on the pic to see how racy! Thanks!

  3. Very good paint work !!
    The problem with the nude figures is that you have not really the choice of the colours!
    (that's all what I've to say about the sorceress ....)

  4. Thanks. Yeah, all you can do is choose hair color and skin tone!

  5. The paint job makes the sculpts look far newer than they are.

  6. Nudity is never pointless! Nice looking bunch of figures and terrain piece.

  7. Thanks. The Pegasus altar comes ready to use out of the box.