Thursday, March 10, 2016

Red Ops 5: Asylum Part 1

I joined Rebel Minis Red Ops 5: Asylum kickstarter, and received my package pretty quickly.  The pledge level was reached very quickly. The figures are available at Rebel Minis, but as of this morning, the rules are not up.
Rebel Minis Horror Packs

In my box are 2 d6, a translucent ruler, the rule book, and 7 gangs with an additional 2 creepy children.  Rebel Minis acquired this line of 28mm horror miniatures from Comfy Chair.

If you are familiar with Two Hour Wargames ruleset Chain Reaction: Final Version, you'll have no problem with these rules.  The rule set is digest size, printed on gloss paper, center stapled and easy to follow. Pages 4 - 8 provide background with a history of Artigo Island. There are pictures of some of the miniatures well-painted (in b/w) sprinkled through the rules.  Weapons are modern with what you are likely to find on the island.  It's basically civilian combat, so no RPG's or HMG's.  However, flash bang grenades and molotov cocktails are accounted for, as are body armor and shields(!).

With further emulation of Vampifan's great blog, Vampifan's World of the Undead here are the first 2 gangs of 4 that I have finished.
First up are the men in black.  You'll notice that mine are in very dark blue.  I don't like painting black.  The two outriders are dressed in suits with ties, and firing pistols.  Both have neatly trimmed facial hair. the center schmoos have two power-fists each. The way in which the powerfists are cast make them fit the figures' arms quite well. I don't think any door or vehicle could stand against them.  I painted them neatly and used a thin black wash to accent the figures.  The bases are painted with a dark brown highlighted with a tan.  Then I added clumps of winter grass from Woodland Scenics.
I think they represent the company men very well.  I glossed their shoes and belts, and semi-glossed their pistols.

These are the Pig Boys, a really grungy group.

They have knives, and sawed-off shotguns.  The giant in the center has an enormous communication device. Their belts are hung with pig trotters and snouts. (Amazing how many pictures you can get if you Google "pig trotters") I seldom add blood to my figures, but they kind of demanded it.  For some unknown reason, I took it into my head to paint the giant as an albino. The smudges on their aprons and the leader's belly are Reaper Pro Paint Brick Red.  I painted it on thinly, as I wanted a more stained look.  The two figures with the outstretched knives have a separate left arm from the elbow down.  Here is the only niggle I have with the figures. Separate parts have little location aid and are difficult to pin.
The figure on the left had a separate shotgun to add to his shoulder belt.  The figure on the right didn't come with one, but had the hole in his back for one, so Wargames Factory Female Survivors donated a double-barreled shotgun whose barrels I clipped.

Overall, I'm happy with the figures. There are some more vague fittings that I will cover in future
posts. As I finish 2 gangs of 4, I will post them, and I post them individually on my Facebook page.


  1. Did Mike send you the campaign update free add on? Give him an email about it.