Monday, February 6, 2017

Krogar Rescues Renee!

This is the first game I've played in a while.  I'm a little rusty both at playing and camera use. Please forgive the poor focus in a lot of the shots.
The rules are a test set of developing WH:A&A . Thanks to Bob Minadeo for sending them to me.  I hope he enjoys the battle.
I decided to do this in comic book form instead of my usual blow-by-blow method. I'm afraid you'll need to click on each page to read them. So herewith:

The only shield maiden who could have reached Krogar decided (dice) to retire, allowing Krogar, Renee, and the only functioning Nobelonga warrior left to leave the board. When Lilia attacked Krogar, he Stunned her, allowing him to escape.

When Krogar cracked his noggin, he used Star Power to avoid the Stun result.  That may have been a mistake. Bob will have to correct me on that.

The game lasted 6 turns and was quite bloody.  The butcher's bill: Nobelonga warriors: 7 warriors including the chieftan,  4 Out of the Fight and left behind, 2 killed and 1 escaped. 3 Monkey Boys, 1 Out of the Fight, 1 killed and 1 left the table. 4 Shield Maidens, the leader was killed, the other 3 survived, though 2 retired, but not off the table.

There are now 2 possible future battles. Krogar should attempt to rescue the Nobelonga warriors before Lilia sacrifices them, and Lilia will only be strengthened in her desire to kill Renee!


  1. Very good! Sounds like a fun time and your speech bubbles made me giggle. Many a truism in there too.

    Hero dice are really just Star Power so if the dice reduce a result to better than Stunned the melee ends with a Push Back. I used the term Hero Dice because Big Bads and perhaps other NPC's may have them too, although now I am just leaning towards assigning such characters a number of wounds they can take before being removed just to simplify things.

    Glad you like it so far.

    Who produced those apes? Very keen on monkey-men me but tend not avoid using them cause I don't want to think of them getting hurt :)

    1. Yep, I enjoyed the rules. Unfortunately, the monkey boys were by Mega Minis.

  2. Very cool post and looking forward to seeing where the rules go.

  3. They are quite interesting. Thanks.

  4. Really nice quality AAR all around, thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for a very pleasant place to visit.

  6. Thanks. I try to make it at least interesting.

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    1. Beautiful(?) girls always help. ;-)