Sunday, March 5, 2017


Herewith follows a tale of Sir Cammillus driving the daemonettes from his fief, protecting his serfs from their depredations! Two Hour Wargames "Warrior Heroes: New Dawn (Armies and Adventures 2) playtest. I haven't figured out how to make the pages larger, so you'll be obliged to click on them to read the comments.

The purpose of this game was to playtest the new mounted rules which are on the way. Sir Cammillus was a Rep 5; his spearmen Rep 4.  The barbarian (who played very little part in the game) was Rep 5, the daemonettes Rep 4.

I used a combination of the Non-Player Character reactions, and regular character reactions.

The game went 8 turns, mostly because the last daemonette was so difficult to kill.  Sir Cammillus had to use his Star power a number of times to not be Stunned, which would have killed him.  He was down to 3 dice by the end of the game.  The mount is a great equalizer, as it is a larger base, giving a moderator to melee, and allowing the mounted warrior to keep in combat, if he so chooses. The daemonettes had Born To The Saddle trait, and the knight The Riddle Of Steel. Miasma stayed at 4 for the whole game, so the traits failed about 90% of the time, but never badly enough to Stun The user.


  1. That was a corker! On traits, it could be an option to just set the Miasma at 2 or 3 to bring them more easily into play. I have not done that because I favor the random element, and if successful trait use is more commonplace it detracts from the "wow" factor when they do appear. Have found it very tense hoping for the Miasma to change and then trying to take advantage of it at just the critical time. Play around with a fixed level and see what you think.

    1. It was fun, if a bit nerve-racking, as Sir Cammillus had to keep using his Star Power to keep from getting Stunned, and receiving only 1 melee die. He managed to lose 2 of his SP dice to 6's.