Friday, December 3, 2010

Three Hishen:

This adventrue was on the Two Hour Wargames site, but with the new format, all the scenarios have not been reloaded.  Since I wrote it, there's no problem with me posting it here.

Hopefully, I'll be able to play it tomorrow, and post a batrep.

Three Hishen:
A 5150 Adventure
sold by Atcheson Creations

  You are Drone NCO One.  You have just finished a gathering operation in which the humans fired a few shots in your direction, and then ran.  Your Inferior Drones Two and Three, followed you closely as you chased a human cow with the intention of capturing it.  As it ran, it threw away its pack and ammo pouch, but kept a grip on its machine pistol.  Being larger, it outdistanced the three of you, but you were able to keep it in sight.  Suddenly, it disappeared, but Drone Two found that it had tripped and was unconscious.
When you caught up to Drone Two, you could see that it was little a human cow, valuable since they can give you more slaves.  But, nonetheless, an inspection showed that its weapon had been fired.  It took a while for it to regain consciousness.  When it did, you found that the Universal Voice Box was missing.  You strapped its weapon to your back and began the journey back.  But what direction?  In the chase, none of you paid any heed to where you were going.  And the human cow seems as confused as you are as to its location.
Also, unnoticed while you were waiting for it to regain consciousness, a heavy fog has set in.
So begins the game.  You three Hishen are armed, you packing a Perak Pistol, and the Inferior Drones Perak Rifles.  The female prisoner is a Rep 3.
There is a heavy fog.  Visibility is 12 inches.  You begin in the center of the table.  The terrain is mostly open forest.  Choose a direction in which to start, or number the table sides, and go where the dice tell you.
You will roll activation dice each turn.  The other one is for whatever comes.  Doubles will represent your hesitation due to being lost.  If you roll a “7”, roll for an encounter.

1-       You hear a sound behind you.
2-3 You see a shadow flitting just inside the mist to your left.
4-5  You see a shadow flitting just inside the mist to your right.
6-  You see a shadow flitting just inside the mist in front of you.

 When you move toward the shadow or sound, if you choose to:
ROLL 2d6
2-       Prisoner tries to escape.
3-        Humans
4-       OOF Human
5-       Docile Herbivore
6-       Nothing
7-       Nothing
8-       Nothing
9-       Docile Herbivore
10-   OOF Hishen
11-   Hishen, also lost
12-   Aggressive Carnivore
For Hishen and Humans, use the How Many Of Them Table on page 53.  Roll them up, using the Militia table for Humans.  If Humans, you and they will take an In Sight check.  Humans will use the Militia QRS.  If Aggressive Carnivore, you take an In Sight check, and the Carnivore takes a Wanting To Charge test.  The Carnivore  is Rep 5, +1d6 in melee.
If the prisoner tries to escape, take an Opposed Task test against the Hishen nearest her.  If the prisoner successfully escapes, she will attempt to fast move directly away from the Hishen whom she tested against. 
While you have the prisoner, you cannot Fast Move.  If you chose to take a wounded Human with you, normal Carrying Others rules apply, and yes, you can make the prisoner carry a wounded man.
If you roll a double 6 on activation, followed by another double 6 for activation, you see a farm ahead of you.
Roll 1d6: on a 5 or 6, there are non-combatants present.  Otherwise the farm is deserted.  If they are present, roll for quantity on the Non-Combatants Table, and roll them up on the Civilian table.  There will be a firearm or two at the farm, but the figures will be unarmed.
When you reach the table edge, roll a d6.  On a 6, you recognize a landmark, and have found the right way back.  On any other roll, turn around and try another route.  And yes, you may end up going to the same table side before you get off.  Never been lost in unfamiliar woods in a heavy fog?

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