Friday, January 29, 2016

Wargames Factory survivors

A few Bayou Wars ago, I decided that my Sunday Morning Brain Dead game wasn't difficult enough. I decided to give players only the choice of pistols or shotguns. A player asked me why most of my figures equipped so where mostly female.  I hadn't considered this.  I realized that there were nowhere near as many male figures equipped with pistols as female, and most were agents in suits or some sort.  I decided to remedy my situation with Wargames Factory's male survivors.

In emulation of the great Vampifan, who manages a post a week, I decide to show 4 at a time with front and back.  My background and photos are not as good, but immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

From left to right, we have Mr. Wifebeater with pistol and knife, next Joe Sixpack with one pistol and a single pistol. The next fellow's black garb has started to fade from exposure to sunlight. (Doesn't he remind you of some bloke in the background on the cover of Chain Reaction FV?) And a welder, perhaps, with a machete and pistol.  Unfortunately, Wargames Factory only supplies automatics.  The only revolver is scoped and for the little girl in the female survivors box.
Here they all are in the position you hope to see them on your table top.  My painting is pretty simple. Base color with a brown wash. That's it.
Here we have Mr. Chubbs with a machete and pistol. I shudder to admit that I had a similar sportscoat to the next gentleman in the 1960's.  In my defense, the pattern was larger and more subdued. Sweatshirt, pistol, and machete.  And then our African American with two pistols and accutrement. Wargames Factory does have a good assortment of heads.
And from the rear.  I do like the fact that Mr. Chubbs is showing belly and back.  I thought the water bottle and magazine pouches emphasized the droopy shorts. Oh, that sportscoat is loud!  Could be Paul Harvey, a used car salesman, or a sportscaster! The backpack is included in the box, but there are no support straps, and since I'm to lazy to add any, I was very sparing in their use.
No apocalypse is complete without a bible-thumper with a pistol, warning you, blah, blah blah.  The boy has a semi-auto machine pistol.  This is because of my belief  that full-auto weapons in the USA are not as common as the movies would have us to believe.  In any Two Hour Wargames ruleset, it would be Target 1 or 2, Impact 1. Another sweatshirted gentleman with a pistol.  And a true survivor, with rifle and holstered pistol.  He's inspired by Don Johnson in "A Boy And A Dog."  He's only inspired by the character.
As a member of the 501st, I have to include some Star Wars references.  Obviously, the kid has a rip-off Star Wars shirt, probably bought at one of the "5 for $15" t-shirt stands in the French Market in the French Quarter.  The logo resembling the Order of the Garter is a poor attempt at the logo on the back of my t-shirt from the 501st Kilted Brigade.  As you can see, Don Johnson is heavily loaded with gear from Vietnam. The wash I used gave him, like Isabella of "Galavant" a skin tone of indeterminate ethnicity!

There we have it!  Now I am awaiting a bunch of non-military figures from Hasslefree Miniatures adventurers.