Monday, May 13, 2013

OH, no Bayou Wars is around the corner!

Yep, Bayou Wars is just around the corner (June 7 - 9) so I'll be working on goodies for my 3 games.  This will leave me no time for solo wargaming.  So, I'm putting up a few more pictures of mostly recently painted figures.
First off are 3 Chronoscope figures, Eden, Farrah, and whatever his name is.  Eden will be called Fuschia for obvious reasons.  A very simple paint job.  There is an interesting flaw in the figure.  Both semi-auto pistols have their ejection ports on the left side of the gun.  All auto-pistols have their ejection ports on the right side.  She will be Big Bad Leroy Brown's main squeeze, and will be a Poser in Two Hour Wargames rules.
Farrah is so 70's with her big hair and sunglasses, that I painted her in 70's high fashion, with all accessories in shiny white.  And Big Bad Leroy Brown will be a gang leader in 5150 New Beginnings.  I never could warm to the figure, so his paint job is a bit uninspired.

And here's a Hasselfree and two more Chronoscopes.  I painted the Hasselfree in work-a-day clothes, so she's pretty plain.  Note her gigantic eyes!  Next is the Smuggler girl from Chronoscope.  I had just rewatched A Boy And His Dog, so her pants were inspired by Vic's shirt, one of thos late 60's multi-stripes (I had several).  She has had a bit too much callogen in her lips.  And finally Decker Detective from Chronoscope.  He has a gaudy tie, like the best film noire detectives.  My stepson really likes this figure because "nothing matches, because he's too poor to use anything but what he's already got."  Hey, how come no one has made a Vic figure?
The first two figures are old GW figures.  The alien is proof that some figures can't be improved with a paint job.  The center figure is probably Talisman, and an Indiana Jones rip-off.  Nice figure though.  The last was given to me, and I have no idea who the manufacturer is.  I call him Officer Unfriendly, with his sideburns and cigaret in his mouth.  I intend him to be a Freddy Kruger figure in my zombie games.  You can kill him, but he'll keep coming back in another episode.  I found a Chevy Tahoe diecast police vehicle for him, from Maquette.  I have a friend who is a Louisiana  State Trooper who wants me to paint another in their dark blue with yellow piping.  If another shows up, I'll do it.
And finally, this is a Reaper figure that my stepson gave me for Christmas.  I tried to do a little more exacting painting on him before washing him with my brown wash.  The staff was painted a medium grey and then washed with Windsor Newton Nut Brown followed by Windsor Newton Peat Brown.  I find it gives a good worn wood finish.

This will probably be my last post until sometime after Bayou Wars, so I hope you enjoy it.