Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Newly and oldly painted

I was lucky to get a run to Houston on the past Monday evening, so I spent 2 & 1/2 days with my sister and brother-in-law, avoiding what would have been for us the minor inconvenience of Isaac.  Among other places, we went to Nan's Comics, and I picked up eM-4's prepainted Recce Group, 5 figures that were formally painted as security.  They are not badly painted for the price.  I had received Hasslefree's 4 female soldiers for my birthday, and decided to try to come close to the eM-4 paint jobs.  The only thing I did to the eM-4 figures was texture the bases a little, hit them with dullcoat, and repaint the guns (which were silver) with black and charcoal.

I then painted the girls and Grant in similar camo and equipment.  The Hasslefree figures are in the center on the first two pics.

I also painted Hasslefree's Grant in a matching color scheme.
They came out pretty close, though I couldn't bring myself to be as heavy handed as eM-4.
I really don't like to do camo, not so much because it's difficult as because it hides well done figures.
Here are some Dadi & Piombo French modern figures, beautifully sculpted, hidden by camo.  That's a Solido VAB in the background.  I also have a VBL, and 2 AML-90's.  There are 3 4-man fire teams.
And some Black Watch, by I don't remember who.
I've been painting up figures for Two Hour Wargames "Muskets & Mohawks"  First, and poorly focused are the Front Rank British on campaign figures.  I have a full platoon painted, and another to paint, making the only full company I will have.
And two officers.

Why on campaign?  Because I'm too lazy to paint the regular uniforms.  The paints are all craft store, with metallics from p3.

The basic unit in M&M is 10 men.  A formed line is base to base, one rank deep.  So I made some new magnetic moving trays.  I made them to hold 5 figures, and some smaller ones to hold 4 figures, because Old Glory bags come with 30 figures.
The rules say that a mob can be 2 ranks deep or more, like so.  I already have a large quantity of these bases, so my mobs won't get any deeper. By the by, by removing every other figure, these bases will also do for Unformed.
Just for looks, I made some mob bases out of 3" circles.
That's it.  I haven't been able to do any games with recovering from Bayou Wars and Heat of Battle.  I did play 2 small games with Chris, but that was a while ago, and he will be busy repairing his office in LaPlace for a while.