Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hasslefree & Reaper

In the usual gamer's ADHD, I've been painting 28's instead of 15mm modern Africa.  These are all Hasslefree with the exception of one Reaper.
First up are fem-Asterix (Rennie) and fem-Obelix (Tilda).  Nice figures who only resemble the originals in clothing.  In this case, I'm glad that Kev added a top to Tilda.  I know, betraying my dirty old man mojo, but the figure is more useable. Hmmm, fem-Asterix eyes didn't come out quite level, did they?
Here are two of Hasslefree's modern figures.  I chose Morgan with a small pistol (held up behind her hair) because I grow tired of enormous pistols.  This is definitely an Impact 1 auto-pistol.  The other is Dionne, who appears to be several months pregnant.  I'm also very tired of painting people in black, so she got brightened up.  Morgan's base is by Bobe's Hobby House and has a Mauser Auto-pistol and another auto-pistol molded into it.  The base is a tiled floor.  The purse is from Wargames Factory's Zombie Vixens.  Hey, at least she HAS a purse!
This is the topless Hayden from Hasslefree and feral dwarf from Reaper.  I didn't realize just how muscular the feral dwarf was until I had her primed.  There is a difficult to remove mold line down the left side of her face, so I painted it as a scar.  Hayden might want to cover up around her. (Oooh, non-pc!)
I tried something new on Hayden.  I had read Matt Parkes Paints in issue 299 of Wargames Illustrated and he showed a method of painting Tudor gold engraved armor.  So I tried it in kind of reverse with a disposable .005 drafting pen.  Obviously, I need to improve my technique, but I thought it was more interesting than just solid tattoos.  I'd also like to get a dark blue drafting pen, if available.
I bravely show my first attempt.  By the by, the ink is non-water soluble, but is shiny, so a matte coat is needed afterwards, not a problem for me, since all my figures get a matte coat after everything but the metallics are painted.
I tilted the figure up slightly so the neck tattoo would show better.
And this one shows her facial tattoo better.

That's all for now, but there's lots more on the painting table, mostly Black Orc.  Having started painting figures in the '70's, I have some partiality to children of a lesser sculpture.