Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What am I doing?

Well, I got a Kindle, and am having a lot of fun reading with that.  Just figured out how to get it hooked up to my Face book account this morning.

I got and painted up Acheson Creation's excellent log cabin with stone chimney.  Wonderful little piece with an interior.  They even did the interior of the roof, crazy people.  There was nothing to hold the roof section in place on the building, so I got the bright idea of making a post on each end to keep it from sliding around.  I drilled the holes off center, and then remembered that I had a bunch of strong magnet that I had bought from Bobbe's Hobbies at some recent convention, and enlarged the holes so I could center the magnets.  They are so strong that I can lift the building by the roof, or even turn it upside down without the roof falling off.  Ah, modern marvels (yeah, right)

I've been proof-reading a couple of new rule-sets Two Hour Wargames is about to release, and this has prompted me to finally replace the French & Indian War figures I lost in Katrina.
Here's what I have painted so far.
London War Room Spanish who will now be French (32 figures)

RSM Gage's Light Infantry (16 figures)

Old Glory Settlers or Militia (21 figures)

A mix of RSM and Old Glory Indians (16 figures)

Old Glory Rangers (2 figures)
Old Glory Courier du Bois (8 figures)

Women, a mix of Old Glory, Rafm (4 figures)

Still in the bag:
Old Glory Rangers
RSM Rangers (probably won't get painted - too much the same for skirmish)
Old Glory Franches de la Marine
Old Glory Indians with bows, the rest of the bag.
RSM Indians with muskets, the rest of the bag.
A few more women, all RAFM.

On the painting table
Old Glory Highlanders, gah!

In Transit:
Old Glory Couriers de Bois (from Jim Pitts)