Saturday, July 9, 2016

A kirk for my Saxons

The Nothelm Chronicle inspired me to copy him and make a Saxon kirk from the Dapol (ex-Airfix) village church.  I didn't do any assembly photos, since the church is pretty simple.  However, it's HO/OO scale and too short for 28mm.

To bring it up to 28mm, I added 1/2" of sheet rockwork to the bottom of the church all around. In a marvelous example of serendipity, I had a Plastruct rectangular tube that exactly matched the width of the columns cast on the church. I only had to cut them to height and depth with a razor saw. I did a little filling with Squadron Green Stuff. and then painted it.  The roof was thatched with funny fur (a.k.a. teddy bear fur).  The cross is a jewelry piece painted to look like weathered wood.

Here are some photos after I based it.  The thatch is a bit darker than it photographed. The figure is a Wargames Factory Saxon for scale.