Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fantasy, Science Fiction and Bond!

My job has not left me freedom to run another game, although it is set up.  But I have been painting, so I'll show you what I have been up to.
First of all, the rangers from Mega Miniatures, who will be closing by the end of the year, and whose inventory is lessening by the minute.

These figures are extremely well sculpted.  When I ordered them, I expected average figures.  They are well above average.  I suspect that they are old Metal Magic molds, from the round bases.  Each of the eight figures is different, and has a different quiver, so I'm going to Vampifan them and show front and rear, 4 at a time.  You cannot go wrong with these guys.  The faces have full eyes, so that I was able to put upper lashes (as a solid line) on some.  The cloaks are not blue, but Alpine Green from Ceramcoat.  The girl to the left above is one of my favorites.
I'm also quite fond of the shooter on the left in these pictures.  The girl second from the right doesn't really seem to fit with the others, yet it is obvious, to me at least, that the sculpture is the same

Now we have a not-Bond bad guy that my stepson gave me for Christmas.  A very nice, simple figure from Reaper.

And now to Celtos.  I never bought Celtos because their weapons were too large for my taste.  But these were given to me by long-time friend Paul Harruff, who realized that he had no interest in painting.
The figures are well sculpted, clean, and with good anatomy.  The one with the axe in the center is my favorite in this group.  They are all painted in plaids because they are all in kilts, and I am obviously a masochist.  They are early plaids though, so easier to paint.
Here are the rest.  You will note that the girls have all naughty bits covered.  sigh.

And here are a bunch of figures from the lead pile, manufacturers uncertain.
I'm pretty sure that most of these are old Citadel figures, mostly from the huge bosses intended to go through their shields and hold them on.  They were all also intended for slotta bases. I had to sand them down, or drill holes in the shields to attach them.  The two girls were painted long ago, but revitalized recently.  They were litterally in the lead pile, and had become chipped.

Now we go to Alternative Armies.  I got these recently trying to get my nude girls with sword and shield up to 10, but was unable to do so, since Alternative Armies substituted another figure in 2 pack.
The two figures in the center also came from the lead pile, and I am uncertain whether they are still available. The second figure from the right has a helmet 3 or 4 sizes too small for his head, so I wouldn't give him a very high Rep.  I rather like the left hand figure.
And here are the rest.  I hate fantasy standard bearers.  They never fit in the box.  Hence the fact that he so far has no banner, but the finial at the top was too interesting to ignore.  The second figure from the left could fit in any Dark Ages army as an earl, though all the shield are incredibly ornate.

I have no idea who made the following figure.  He was also in the lead pile, but I like him so much he gets his own front and rear shots.
The rear picture is from a little too low angle, I think.

And finally, Bronze Age Miniatures not-Rogue Trooper.
The figures are typical of the sculptor; extreme poses but beautifully executed.  You either like his stuff, or you don't.  I do.
Really nice.  Really extreme.  And now for the not-Nords.

Kinda goofed with the two left figures.  The sergeant in the center has his antenna added from a piece of  brass wire and brass tube, with a  dollop of super glue to round the top.
These were painted a good while back, but I never got around to taking pictures.  I do plan to get the snipers at some time, but BAM doesn't have a shop.  You have to email him what you want, and upon his reply, send him a Paypal, and I am spoiled by shops.

Well that's it.