Sunday, January 25, 2015

This week's finished figures

Since I'm not getting any game in, I decided to show the figures that I have finished painting this week. Click on the pics for larger versions.

First up are some Colonial Police from Brigades Games in the USA.  These are older figures, and are a bit crude.  The faces are caricaturish.  First I painted them to resemble the Nassau police.  The sun helmets have no indication of the 6 seams that comprise the cover, so those were painted with a brown wash and a tiny brush.  I wanted these guys to be pristine, so no wash was added to their paint.  The white was dry-brushed up from ivory, but that's about it.  The belts and shoes were glossed, since policemen are very proud of their appearance.
Then I did the same figures in khaki, with my usual wash.
Next up are men and women survivors from Wargames Factory.  I'm not thrilled with these figures due to the need to fill the joints between the arms and torsos.  I don't quite get the girl with the compound bow, bustier, and mini-skirt.  The figure in orange is an escaped prisoner from a work detail of the Orleans Parish Prison, hence the OPP.  And we can't do without Shaun of the Dead!
These are Wargames Factory Saxon Fyrd.  Of course, after assembling these about 6 months ago, I learned that these poor slobs would not have any helmets.  The other 24 are being assembled correctly.  I use Ambroid liquid cement to assemble these figures, and a little squishing around fills the small gaps between the arms and the torso.  I use a small ball-shaped grinder with my moto-tool to expand the necks so that the heads fit with little fiddling.  Once again, a little squishing with Ambroid seems to fill any gaps.

And I finish up with a few more figures from Wargames Factory male survivors.  The kid had the scope clipped off his rifle, because I don't think he would have sniper skills.
That's it 'til next time.  All comments are appreciated!