Saturday, May 14, 2011

Painted Figures

I've been unable to get any gaming in due to getting ready for Bayou Wars.  First I painted 2 20-man Pathan units and a 10-figure cavalry unit.
Next, I painted an 18-figure Old Glory British Indian Mutiny unit, already shown.  And the a 31-man group of Old Glory Skirmishing Mutineers.  The odd figure is from the Foundry Darkest Africa Range to act as commander.
The terrain is an aquarium piece bought years ago.  It had a door over the far right to make it more suitable for 25mm figures, but being underwater in Katrina floated the wooden door off somewhere.

I've also painted a bag of Rebel Minis excellent Earth Force Home Guard (ranks right up there with the Post-A survivors as my favorite figures in the range so far.)

And got distracted by Bronze-Age Miniatures not-Rogue Trooper figures.  Top prices, but Wow!
A G.I. sneaking up on an unspecting Nort.  They must get -3 on awareness charts, judging by the game.
That's all for now.  Still waiting for help on Model Builder in Windows 7 to make a large hanger, and an O-scale fuel tank in transit, both for my Sunday Morning Brain Dead Game, "Cherry 2000, sort-of"