Saturday, April 9, 2011


After losing her gang, Holly Wood decided to attempt to add some members, and find a better weapon.  She remembered an old, abandoned industrial area in the country, and drove her H2 near, and left it concealed, taking her keys and her pistol with her.

But Holly is no fool.

Turn 1:  Humans 4, Zombies 5
There are already 3 zombies creeping around the site, so Holly turns to the first building to the right and finds Obie, survivor, Rep 3, with a bolt-action rifle facing her.  Holly with her Rep5, ends up with 3 dice, 6, 2, 1 for 2 successes on the Meet & Greet table, and Obie with 1 die, a 6, for no successes.  Overwhelmed, he joins her gang.

Turn 2: Humans 2, Zombies 6
Holly and Obie search the room, and find Meds.

Turn 3: Humans 6, Zombies 4
The zombies advance, but are no danger yet.

Turn 4: Humans 3, Zombies 6
Holly and Obie move to the other room and meet Myron Frey, ganger, Rep 4, with a sub-machine gun.
After a long discussion, he joins the gang, too.  4 rounds of Meet & Greet, before it was decided in Holly's favor.

Turn 5: Humans 4, Zombies 3
They search the room and come up with a Luxury, and unopened bottle of Old Granddad.  Zombies amble.

Turn 6: Humans 4, Zombies 3
Holly leads the group out the front door, and fast moves, but the zombies catch up.
One charges Holly, who snapfires, hits, but has no effect.  Impact 1 pistol.  Holly takes him out by cracking his skull open with the pistol butt.
They ignore Myron (maybe it's the balaclava!) and another charges Obie, who snapfires, and misses!

Obie goes down, Out Of the Fight to the zombie!

All the firing bring 2 more zombies.

Turn 7: Humans 5, Zombies 3
Holly, being Holly, yells "Leave him!", and she and Myron sprint towards the VW Microbus behind the building.
A zombie charges Myron, who snapfires and misses with his SMG, but tears the zombie apart with his bare hands, 3 successes to the zombies none.  2 more zombies are attracted by the firing.

The zombies will feed on Obie for 2 turns.

Turn 8: Humans 4, Zombies 1
Holly opens the door of the microbus to find Bud Kravitz, Rep 5, with a semi-automatic rifle, and a sunglassed guy, also called Hollywood, Rep 3, with an assault rifle.  They are former soldiers, who are now gangers.  The Meet & Greet goes 5 rounds, before Holly gets them to join her for today only.

She offers to trade her pistol and the bottle of Old Grandad for the assault rifle.  Bud refuses.

Holly counters with the bottle of Old Granddad for the semi-auto rifle.  Bud can live with that, and the trade is made.  Bud takes the assault rifle from Hollywood for himself, leaving Hollywood unarmed,

Turn 9: Humans 6, Zombies 4
Zombie appears in the alley, and Bud and Hollywood see him, pass their In Sights, and fire, taking him out.  This causes 2 more zombies to be attracted.

Turn 10: Humans 1, Zombies 2
Holly sends Bud and Hollywood up the alley to their right, with a story that that's where she found the Old Granddad, and there might be more.  Meanwhile she and Myron get into the microbus, and find the keys in the ignition, start it up, and back up to get a way to drive it out.  This attracts 5 more zombies.

Turn 11: Humans 1, Zombies 5
Holly moves forward and runs over the first 2 zombies.  Bud and Hollywood run back towards where the vehicle was.

Turn 12:  Humans 1, Zombies 2
Zombies attack the front of the microbus, and get run over for their trouble.  Holly being Holly, is leaving Bud and Hollywood behind!
More zombies file down the alleyway, and Bud takes an In Sight, snapfires, and OD's one and knocks another down.

Holly moves 8" into the road, running over anothe zombie.  She makes all her tests.  Note that the microbus is accelerating very slowly.  I drove one in the '60's, and they're not too quick off the line.
The shooting and the motor produce another 4 zombies.

Turn 13: Humans 3, Zombies 5
Holly move 10" down the road.  Bud and Hollywood try to cross behind the buildings and catch them at the next turn.

Turn 14: Humans 3, Zombies 2
Holly moves the van forward, but she and Myron are both charged by zombies.  Both snapfirs ineffectively.  Holly dispatches hers in melee, but Myron and his zombie swat at one another to no avail.
Bud and Hollywood are charged by zombies.  Bud fires, taking 2 down.  Hollywood beats his in melee.
6 new zombies are attracted by all the firepower and the microbus' engine.

Turn 15:  Humans 1, Zombies 4
Holly moves 14".  Bud is stopped by an InSight agianst more zombies, snapfires and takes one down.
No new zombies are attracted.

Turn 16: Humans 3, Zombies 5
Holly guns the microbus, and gets out of town.  Bud and Hollywood decide to hightail it out directly across the board.

After the battle:
Holly and Myron search the back of the microbus and the trailer, and find a shotgun and a rifle.  Holly now has 2 rifles, a semi-auto rifle, a pistol, a shotgun, meds and an H2.  However, her encounter with another Hollywood, and her (probably) growing notoriety for leaving people to be eaten by zombies, and ditching one-day companions, have made her give her looks and name a second thought.
So, she decided to go back to her real name, Trudy Holmes, and change her look from bad-ass punk to tough pseudo-military type. (Actually, with all the weapons, I needed to use a different figure, but, hey, it sounds good!)
So here is the new gang, leader Trudy Holmes and follower, Myron Frey.