Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kurgen Fail In Contract: PDF Commander Survives Attack!

Rebel Minis ( has a little gem I had overlooked.  These are the Kurgen (not-Mangalores from "Fifth Element").  I had finished painting some a while back, and was looking for a use for them.  They're not in 5150, so I made up my own stats and used the Star Army QRS. I decided that they would ignore any "retrieve wounded" results until they had successfully completed their mission.  I gave them the attributes Hard As Nails, Combat Artist, and Subject To Fear. Based on the movie that they're not in, when all of the original leaders are down, they will cease fire and walk away, unless attacked.

I decided to use the scenario, #1 Round Up The Rebels, from 5150 First Contact with modifications.  All re-inforcements would be PDF, not rebels, and, for simplicity, would be Rep 4.  I used the Floor Plan table, and the Clear table, with the result of Rebel Ambush meaning that the commander had been found, included in how ever many PDF were rolled up.

I used the reaction table for Star Army and PDF in 5150 Star Army, with the In Sight table from 5150 New Beginnings.

So we begin by listing the Kurgen:
Commander, Rep 5, Assault Rifle (hereafter AR)
(Fire Teams of 4)
Team 12, leader, Rep 3, AR, , 2 Rep 5 with AR, 1 Rep 4 with Multi-weapon (always used as a machine in this game.)
Team 13, leader, Rep 5, AR, 2 Rep 5 with AR, 1 Rep 4 with Multi-weapon.
Team 14, leader Rep 3, AR, 2 Rep 3 with AR, 1 Rep 5 with Multi-weapon
Team 15, leader %ep 5, AR, 2 REp 3 with AR, 1 Rep 5 with Multi-weapon.
1 truck with LMG, 2 crew, Rep 4.

The PDF would appear with the Clear table.  If the commander was found with a sufficient number of troops he would be accompanied by an LMG and a rocket launcher.

The Kurgen deploy alongside the truck.

Turn 1: Kurgen 4, PDF 5
The Kurgen move towards the buildings to search them as the truck moves up the middle of the road.

Turn 2:  Kurgen 4, PDF 5
The left building has 5 areas, and the first is clear.
The right building has 5 areas, and the first is clear.
Turn 3: Kurgen 5, PDF 1
The Kurgen move into the 2nd left and right buildings, both are 3 areas, and the 1st area of each are clear.
The Kurgen in the first left and right buildings move into the 2nd area, and both are clear.
Turn 4: Kurgen 3, PDF 5
2 Kurgen enter area 3 of the 1st left and right buildings, and both are clear.
(I forgot to move the Kurgen in the 2nd left and right buildings.)

Turn 5: Kurgen 2, PDF 5
On a roll of seven, if the PDF die is higher, they get reinforcements.  The quantity is determined by their die.  I made a mistake, and 6 appeared on the right flank, between buildings 1 and 2, as determined by a die roll on the map in 5150FC.

The 1st right and left buildings are clear in area 3.
The 2nd right and left buildings are clear in area 2
2 Kurgen move to cover the gap where the PDF have appeared.
(I don't have a lot of  15mm terrain, so I used 20mm walls, and forgot that I intended them to give cover, but not block line of sight on this turn)
Here are the dice behind each figure after the 5150NB In Sight mechanism was used.
And the results:
The PDF loses 2 Out Of the Fight, seriously wounded.  The stunned Kurgen is a Rep 3, which will keep him stunned for a number of turns.  The PDF pass their Man Down tests.

Turn 6: Kurgen 6, PDF 3
The PDF advance to the wall.  Two attempt to take out the stunned Kurgen, to no effect, except 1 runs Out Of Ammo.  2 more fire and 1 misses, the other Knocks Down another Kurgen who goes Out Of the Fight.

Turn 7:  Kurgen 6, PDF 1
The PDF continues to fire at the stunned Kurgen, with no effect.  (There is another hit with a Knock Down that beconmes Stunned).

Turn 8:  Kurgen 1, PDF 2
The PDF has no targets.  They are reloaded and ready.
Area 5 of both the 1st left and right buildings are clear.
The truck moves forward, and fires it LMG at the PDF.  1 is knocked Out OF the Fight, and the others Duck Back, because they are Outgunned, carrying as many of their wounded with them as possible.
The 3rd areas of the 2nd left and right building are determined to be clear by the Kurgen.

Turn 9:  Kurgen 6, PDF 3
The left two PDF move to the left and can see the backs of the 2 Kurgen covering the door of the 1st left building, and fire, killing one and rendering the other OOF on his Recover from Knock Down roll.
Turn 10: Kurgen 5, PDF 6
The Kurgen inside the 1st left building return to the door, and both get 3 passes on their In Sight, while both PDF get 2.  Both PDF, go down, OOF. 
The Kurgen at the 2nd buildings both go to the sheds behind and find them to be clear.

Turn 11:  Kurgen 3, PDF 2.
The stunned Rep 3 Kurgen finally arises, but the only PDF left has moved to the right side behind the shed behind the 2nd right building asnd so is out of sight.
The Kurgen at the 1st left and right buildings move to the sheds behind them.
The last PDF moves to the fence and is In Sight of the 2 Kurgen who have come to the rear, although only 1 can test, since the other is directly behind him.
Turn 12:  Kurgen 2, PDF 5  Turn 13: Kurgen 3, PDF 4.
5 PDF appear in the gap between the 2nd and 3rd buildings on the right flank, and see, and are seen by 2 untouched Kurgen fire teams.
And here is the result of all the firing.

All  of the PDF are down, and half of the Kurgen.

In another section of the board, 2 Kurgen move to the shed behind the 1st right building and find 2 PDF.
Turn 14:  Kurgen 5, PDF 3
The 2 PDF move to the left of the building they are behind, and the Kurgen ponder their next move.  2 Kurgen who were in the rear shed take out the 2 PDF, but at the cost of one of their lives. 
Turn 15:  Kurgen 2, PDF 1
A Kurgen goes to the 3rd left building, and finds the PDF commander with 8 other PDF, 1 with an LMG and 1 with a rocket launcher.
The truck moves up between the 3rd left and right buildings.
2 other Kurgen go into the 3 Right building and find it has 3 areas, and the first is clear.
Here is the result of the In Sight.

   The Kurgen is put OOF and the truck destroyed.  Fighting becomes wholesale as the Kurgen in the other building and the Kurgen commander join in.
The PDF on the side of the building are forced to Duck Back by the Kurgen commander, with 1 out of ammo.

Turn 16: Kurgen 5, PDF 5

Turn 17 Kurgen 5, PDF 1
The two Kurgen left on the board are both Rep 5, so they advance to the wall.
The PDF out side the building go around the back and are In Sight.

The result is the PDF rifleman down, as is the Kurgen commander.  Having no leader remaining, the last Kurgen shoulders his arms and marches off.
So, I think this combo worked pretty well,  The Kurgen don't Duck Back too often.  I think I got caught up in the game a couple of times, and didn't write everything down.

The Kurgen lost 16 out of 17 figures, and the PDF lost 13 out of 20.  However, they will be able to retreive any OOF figures, giving them a chance to survive.

It's harder to get really great pictures with 15mm, and I obviously need to make some 15mm walls, but I've got 2 more 12" by 12" sheets of cork, so no problem!  I also need more OOF markers.

As you can tell, the buildings are all paper, scaled to 15mm.  Some (the tapered ones and the sheds) I designed in Model Builder.  The rest are scaled down from Microtatix and free web ones.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Newly finished French & Indian War figures.

I just finished one each of all the different Ranger figures (except Cobham's Rangers) in the Old Glory pack.  This is more than enough to play Long Rifle by Two Hour Wargames.  The figures are painted in a mixture of crafts paints and wargame paints.  As always, primed in grey.  And as always, click on the pic to see a larger one.
And here are the d*%^edOld Glory Highlanders.  These figures have been in the bag for for maybe 10 years, as their muskets and bayonets show.  I just realized that I failed to paint the grenadier's bayonet.  I have 8 or 9 more to do, thought I already have 11.  There arre 3 grenadiers in the bag, so they'll just finish a squad.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Long Rifle: The Defense of Blye's Farm

Two Hour Wargames has just introduced two new rule sets aimed at the French & Indian war, one of my favorite periods.  The rules for larger games is called "Muskets and Mohawks", and the rules for smaller games is called "Long Rifle".  They can be found here:

 I chose to use "Long Rifle", since I am in the process of painting up more FIW figures.  "Long Rifles" uses some mechanics from "5150: New Beginnings", but is quite different.

The first thing I did was set up the scenario.  Somewhere in the wilds of America:  Corporal McTeague has realized that he is near his maried sister's farm, gets permission to go on a scout, and takes private Smith with him.  His sister, Ruth McTeague Blye, is married to settler Prosper Blye.  They have 3 children, 15-year old Samuel, 8-year old David, and 7-year old Hanna.  They were rolled up from the settlers table in the rules.

It's a nice little farm with a log cabin, pig stye, and cow pen.  Prosper has fenced off the farm from the open woods to keep out wildlife, and keep his cattle (not painted yet, so they don't appear) from wandering too far.

As always, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.  The log cabin is from Acheson Creations, and the fence and pig stye were obtained from a craftsman at Colonial Barracks whose name I failed to get.

Here are the residents of the farm and the Rangers.  The picture is a little shaky because I forgot the tripod. Sigh.  Note that their Reps are on the picture, and the figures are WYSIWYG for the rules.

Turn 1:  Settlers 1, PEF's 6.  Oh, the Level of Investment was 4, so there are 4 PEF's of Rep 4, until revealed.

Turn 2:  Settlers 4, PEF's 2
McTeague has everyone spread along the fence, and Prosper sends the children to hide near the pig stye.

Turn 3: Settlers 1, PEF's 3
PEF's 1 and 4 move closer together, as do PEf's 6 and 8.
Turn 4:  Settlers 1, PEF's 3
Pef 6 moves to the fenceline and is exposed as 6 Indans (roll on tables reveals 1 less than company, and you count everyone, even the children.) Another PEF moves forward, and the rest stay put.
In the rules, everything caused by the PEF being revealed is acted upon and concluded before anymore PEF's are revealed.
The Indians are Reps 5, 4, 3,3,3,3, probably a group of hotheads out to prove their manhoods, led by a warrior looking to better his standing. This activates an In Sight! 
Now this gets complicated, with so many figures per side.  The following picture has little boxes to show the success that each figure has.  This is based on the Rep of each figure and any modifiers to determine the number of D6 rolled per figure.  Of course, more successes allow you to react before the others.  Successes of the same number act simultaneously.  O succesess and you stand there like a bump on a log.
McTeague fires at the Indian nearest him and misses.  Ranger Smith fires at the Indian nearest him and strikes him in the chest, putting him out of the fight!  His simultaneous fire misses. 
The Indian in front of Ruth fires and misses.  Ruth fires and hits him in the chest putting him out of the fight.  
 Prosper sees nothing as an arrow whizzes past him with no effect. 
 Samuel, the teen-ager fires and hits the Indian opposite him in the arm knocking him down and stunning him.

Reactions are not done until after the In Sight is finished.  Private Smith would fire, but he is unloaded.  Private McTeague, with his musket empty, charges the Indian in front of him, who has a warclub for defense.  Both roll 6D6.  McTeague passes 6, and the Indian passes 2, is knocked down and bayoneted in the chest, obviously dead.
Ruth, who is unloaded, Ducks Back behind the cabin.

 Prosper, who had an arrow go past him, finally see the Indian, and fires, missing.  The Indian fires another arrow at him, and Prosper, now unloaded, Ducks Back behind the scrub in front of the pig stye. 
 Samuel realizes that he is unloaded and also ducks behind the scrub.
The remaining Indians Carry On.  The score: Rangers and settlers all hale and healthy.  The Indians, 2 out of the fight, 1 dead, and 1 stunned, leaving only 2 upright; a Rep 4 and a  Rep 3, and no leader.

Turn 5:  Settlers 2, Indians 4.  Only the Rep 4 Indian may act, and he reloads.  All of the settlers and rangers reload.

Turn 6: Settlers 3, Indians 5.  The settlers and Rangers move back into view of the Indians.  McTeague, who has already jumped the fence, moves out of the brush.  Everyone takes an In Sight.
McTeague, with 3 successes, acts before the Rep 4 Indian and shoots him in the gut, rendering him out of the fight. 
 The Indian with the bow fires at Prosper again, and misses.  All three of the settlers fire at him, and miss! (Actually, Samuel hit him in the leg, but as he is in cove, this is a miss.  Location, location, location!) He fails his Received Fire and is forced to take a Cohesion Test, and runs away!

Turn 7:  Settlers 2, Indians 5.  McTeague, unloaded, runs to the stunned Indian, who has never been able to recover because he is a Rep 3, and kills him with his bayonet.  Meanwhile, everyone else reloads.
Turn 8:  Settlers 5, PEF's 4.  Another PEF moves to the fence, and is neutral settlers.  "Looks like you've got the situation well in hand!  We can spare a little powder, if need be, and if you can spare a little lead, for we are short on shot." 

Turn 9:  Settlers 2, PEF's 4.  The two remaining PEF's stay in the woods.  McTeague, "I recon I'd better reload!"

Turn 10:  Settlers 6, PEF's 3.  The settlers learily eye movement in the trees, that proves to be an errant breeze. (A PEF moves to the fence and is revealed as nothing!)

Turn 11:  Settlers 2, PEF 6.  The settlers and rangers move to the fence to keep an eye on the forest.

Turn 12:  Settlers 5, PEF 4.  The last PEF moves to the fence and is revealed as friendly settlers.  "We heared the shots, and come to help, but I see the Lord has helped you first.  Got a leetle usquebea, if'n you're of a mind to share a sip, and Ruth'll make some o' her good biscuits to cut the edge a little."

Total success for the settlers and Rangers.  4 muskets were retrieved, with shot and powder, and a bow.  McTeague appropiates the warclub from the Indian he killed in single combat for bragging rights.

For successful episodes, one gains fame points.  McTeague chose to help the settlers defend their farm.  He gains 5 Fame Points for all of the enemy that were killed, 3 Fame Points for preventing the cabin from being looted and/or burned, and since none of his party were lost or killed, he loses none.

I will make McTeague my star, "until I find someone better, or he's killed." (Starship Troopers, as if you didn't know.)

Though it's not in the rules, the Blye family has gained the reputation of being good people in a fight, and Ruth in particular, as an Indian-slayer.

Though this was very successful for the settlers and rangers, a single change of a die roll, or PEF resolution could have turned the tables distasterously.  I don't imagine they would have fared so well against French soldiers, but luck was on their side.

To run this at a convention, I would suggest that each player be given no more than 3 figures each, and that markers be supplied to indicate who is active, because it's easy to get lost on the In Sight, and some results depend upon whether the figur is active or not.

I love it!