Saturday, November 25, 2017

Jack Scruby catalog 1962

I just refound my 1962 Jack Scruby catalog. I was about 14 or 15 when I received it.  All of the colored pictures and price changes were done by yours truly.

At that age, I worked in the only cafeteria in town on Sunday afternoon for the amazing amount of $4.00 total, so the miniatures were out of my reach. A box of Airfix figures were $0.49 at that time.  And I had discovered Ace double science fiction paperbacks! (Still a little too early for dates!) A trip down memory lane.  

Note that the last photo is a table set by Bruce Sigfried of Dayton, Ohio.  Who might that be?

42 pages.  There are no missing pages.  Some were printed on only one side.  As always, click a pic for a larger view.

I also have the pages PDF'ed and a single PDF document of all the pages, but, as I have no website, I have no way to upload them.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Ponze de Cabeza, a Conquistador of Little Note.

I used Warrior Heroes: New Dawn, currently under development at THW. It's intended for fantasy, and what is more fantastic than Native American Amazons!  Ponze had the Healer trait, which allowed him to heal both his wounded troopers with one spell.  He could do nothing for the dead crossbowman. Dead is dead.

I also attempted to simulate heavy fog by only doing terrain when the conquistadors entered a new section. That was not particularly successful.  I ended up using night rules of 6" visibility.