Friday, May 8, 2015

SAGA Irish Warband from Gripping Beast.

As always, from Gripping Beast, these are well produced figures.  They're easy to paint.  A caveat, however.  The hearthguard don't match the options listed in The Raven's Shadow.  They should have either javelins or Dane axes.  There are 4 Dane axes included, but no figures properly configured to hold them with the shields on their back.

So here they are are, and a few comments on painting, etc..
This is the warlord, my least favorite figure in the box.  He's too squinched up for my taste.  Also, I couldn't get his sword to hold with super glue.  It got knocked off 4 times on the painting table. The last time it disappeared, and was replaced with a Dane ax, so he's lost his sword.  His two "companions" are from Crusader Miniatures' Gallic Women Warriors.

These are my hearthguard.  As you can easily see, I don't go for fancy shields.  The figures are great, and many of the weapons are molded with the hand, and plug into end of the right arm, a very strong attachment! (Wish they'd done the same for the warlord)  I did a little research on Irish textiles of the Dark Ages, and found varied colors and patterns.  Of course, they are brighter than the warriors. Eye color, and some of the plaids were done with Pigma Micron Pens, specifically the 005 ones.
And the warriors.  The dogs were easy and fun to paint.  The hound master has a light javelin added from florist wire.  His pose just didn't look right without something in his left hand.

They haven't been blooded yet.