Sunday, August 4, 2013

Death Comes to Crime Boss in Meyer's Bar

Today, the New Hope City Gazette learned that crime boss "Big Bad" Leroy Brown was killed along with another in Meyer's Bar.  Interviews with both Lilac, no other known name, self-styled fiance of Brown, and Caesar, who works for Blackwater Corporation, and was Brown's bodyguard, yielded the following retelling of the events.  Both were wounded in the attack, and are under police protective cover in St Julien's Hospital.

According to the two survivors, this attack was without provocation.  They were having a drink after attending a game (what type was not mentioned) at Meyer's.  Caesar was watching the door.  All legally carry concealed firearms for self-protection, and all firearms were holstered, hands on the table nursing their drinks, while discussing the game.

Suddenly, a woman in black appeared at the door with machine pistols in both hands, yelled "Brown, you *************, you killed my mama, and now I'me going to kill your ***"!  The first rounds hit Caesar, knocking him out, and seriously wounding his left leg.  The next hit Brown, killing him.  And she yelled at Lilac, as she shot her in the stomach, "You'll never marry him, bi***!"

The rest of the story is confused.  One survivor claims that the bartender begged for her life, but that the woman in black mercilessly gunned her down.  However, an empty shotgun and many pellets embedded in the walls belie this story.

Because all surveillance devices were deactivated before the entrance of the unknown woman, there are no electronic records of the events.  There are only two eyewitness accounts to go by, and their stories are somewhat conflictory.  Police have released the following description of the suspect:  Tall, athletically built.  Dark hair about chin length.  Very beautiful.  Moves very quickly.  When last seen, dressed in a black catsuit covered by a black overcoat, both unremarkable.

Apparently an unknown Cyndee had a beef with Big Bad Leroy Brown, and decided that his execution was the only choice.  Here is the setup at the beginning of the game.

In turn one, the Cyndee got first activation (surprise! with her Rep 6).  She moves into the bar, and the In Sights all go in her favor.

With two large calibre auto pistols, she is able to take down all her opponents in one go, wounding Caesar in the leg, knocking him down, killing Big Bad Leroy Brown with a head shot, and wounding Lilac in the gut.  Both Caesar and Lilac go out of the fight.  The bartender does not enter in, as she doesn't get activated in the first turn.

In turn two, the Cyndee goes first, and attempts to spare the bartender.

The bartender fires, emptying her shotgun, and hits the Cyndee in the head, a killing blow to any other being on New Beginnings, but she is blessed with the attribute, Impervious, which turns any OOF or OD into Knock Down instead.  And she uses 3d6 on the Knock Down test, getting a Carry On.  For dramatic purposes, she fires from the floor, riddling the bar, and striking the bartender in the head and left arm, killing her.

The Cyndee walks out the back door of the bar.  Big Bad Leroy Brown wasn't the only crime boss in New Hope City, so his death insures more bloodshed as other crime bosses try to take over his territory.  As for who killed him...?  Perhaps someone will be interested enough to attempt to find out!

The map is a laminated map from the Crimson Skies game box.  Games with Cyndees don't last very long.  Turns out the bar was owned by an off-world compendium, and they don't want the death of one of their employees to go unpunished.  Will they send in a gunslinger or hire a private dick in New Hope City, or both?