Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You may remember that Holly and her gang managed to hot-wire a Hummer 2, one of America's top gas guzzlers.  Holly looked with alarm at the rapidly descending gas gauge, and announced "Hey guys, we need gas.  Any ideas?"

Sven spoke up. "There's a little gas station not far from here that might have some left.  It's back in the country, and old style."

"Show us the way, if you think you can find it!"

The H2 growls down the country road, and a gas station comes into view.
Turn 1:
7 zombies were on the board, and the H2 generated 3 more.

Turn 2: Humans 1, Zombies 2
The zombies shamble in 6".
Holly takes one out, Sven hits but  his Impact 1 machine pistol has no effect, and Al knocks one down!
All this firing generates 2 new zombies.

Turn 3: Humans 3, Zombies 2
Holly OD's another zombie, as does Sven.  Al misses.
A zombie charges Al, who snap fires, misses, and is OOF in melee.
A zombie charges Holly, who misses, but OD's him in melee.

Turn 4: Humans 4, Zombies 3
Holly splits her shots on 2 zombies, ODing one, and missing the other.  She then moves around the H2, takes an In Sight on the zombie that is so interested in Al, fires and hits him twice to no effect, charges him and OD's him.
Al moves forward and around the front of the H2, takes an In Sight, purs 2 bullets into a zombie to no effect!

A zombie charges Holly, who fires, hitting him once to no effect.  She takes him out in melee.
3 zombies charge Al, who OD's one, but the other 2 take Al OOF.

All this shooting generates 1 zombie.

Turn 5: Humans 3, Zombies 6
Holly moves around the H2, takes an In Sight on the zombies around Al, fires and missed, jumps in the H2, and fails to start it.

Turn 6:  Humans 3, Zombies 2
Holly jumps out the right side of the H2, and heads to the roadhouse.  More zombies move to Al and Sven.
Holly, showing her true ganger spirit, leaves them to their fate.

Turn 7:  Humans 2, Zombies 4
The door is locked, so Holly goes through the window, and comes face to face with Alf Landon, a Rep 4 survivor with a semi-automatic rifle.  They decide to join forces just to get out of this trouble.  The zombies feast on Al and Sven, but just for 1 activation.

Turn 8:  Humans 5, Zombies 3
Holly and Alf search the room and find a can of gas.
The zombies mill about.

 Turn 9:  Humans 4, Zombies 5
Holly and Alf enter the back room to find it empty of people.

Turn 10: Humans 2, Zombies 3
The zombies see no humans and hear no shots, so they mill about.
Holly and Alf search the back room and find a flash-bang grenade, which Alf takes.

Turn 11:  Humans 4, Zombies 1
Holly and Alf go out the back door to the shed and open the door.  There is a military man, Rep 3 with a semi-automatic rifle.  He decides to tag along until they get out of this mess.
The directionless zombies mill about.

Turn 12: Humans 6, Zombies1
In a boring repeat, the zombies mill about.

Turn 13:  Humans 3, Zombies 2
They search the hut and find nada.
Guess what the zombies do.

Turn 14: Humans 2, Zombies 6
Holly and team go to the other hut and pull the door open to find 2 zombies!  Zombie surprise!  Holly and Alf both beat the zombies, so Alf offs his, and Holly fires, puts 2 slugs into hers to no effect, and offs it in melee.

Turn 15: Humans 2, Zombies 5
They search the hut and find nothing.

Turn 16: Humans 4, Zombies 5
Holly fast moves to the van.

In the remaining two turns, Holly jumps in the van, starts it, and the guys go their separate ways.

Holly got no advancement, though she completed her mission successfully, killed zombies and didn't go OOF.  It's very plain that she needs to get a better weapon.  She has a bolt-action rifle, but that's pretty slow against zombies.  Her pistol just doesn't have the power to take out zombies in any kind of dependable way.
So far, in 2 adventures, Holly hasn't met a single ganger, and though she's a Rep 5 and overawes survivors and military so far, she hasn't go anyone to join.

Her new goals:  Get a new gang.  Get a better weapon.  Ditch the H2, or better still, barter it off for a better weapon.