Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Since the beginning of the year...

What have I been doing?  Well, my wife had rotator cuff surgery on Jan. 2.  So, she's not able to wait on me hand and foot.  I actually have to do a few things around the house.  However, she's making good progress.

All I've done so far is a bit of painting.  I painted 10 conquistadors from Monday Knight Productions.  These are old Pass of the North figures, and nearer true 25mm.  Why these instead of Foundry's lovely figures?  Cost, and they are near in size to some salacious Native American maiden warriors I painted a looong time ago (maybe 20 - 25 years ago.)

So I figured I would emulate Vampifan and show the front and rear of the figures.

I ordered the 10 random figure set.  The 1st figure left is armored with leather studded armor, and has the most detail of the bunch.  The second figure is half-armored and holding a pike.  He was the first one I painted, and I decided that there wouldn't be too many more stripes, since their clothing is basically landesqueknect, and a pain to paint.  The third figure is 3/4 armored.
The arquebusier is unarmored except for the helmet and has a few apostles hanging from his bandolier. Last is the figure in the leather coat and shield.  Because of the great amount of armor, I deviated from my normal course of black undercoating on the metal, and a single coat of some sort of metal paint.  I undercoated in black, the added P3 Pig Iron, and then used GW Mithral Silver for the greater part of the metal, leaving the Pig Iron untouched for depth in the crevices and crannies.  The soft clothing was painted with various P3 and craft acrylics, and then washed with a brown wash.  There skin was painted a darker flesh tone, again craft paint from which the label has long disappeared.
 The remaining 5 from left to right.  The first figure is wearing a leather vest.  The crossbowman is wearing quilted clothe armor.  One of the ends of his crossbow was missing, so I fashioned a new one from scrap lead, pewter, whatever.  The next figure is half-armored and probably a dismounted horseman from his thigh boots.
I consider the next figure to be the leader, so he got a gold-hilted sword and some brass on his helmet, a black scabbard, and matching upper and lower clothing.  The final is basically a duplicate of the second figure in the first bunch but with a burgeonet instead of a morion.  He has pink britches because I saw a photo of a reenactor with pink britches online.

Now for the salacious Native American maidens.  I don't know who made these figures.  I got them a very long time ago, and have 21 including the queen.
I had originally painted all their weapons metal, but a closer look, and a remembered conversation from when I originally painted them convinced me to paint the axes as stone and the spears and daggers as obsidian.  I just added EZ Line bowstrings to all the bows.  The queen is a Ral Partha figure.  I repainted her sword as a wooden club.  I'm sure these were painted with GW and crafts paints, maybe some D&D paints, and washed with a brown wash.
My plan is to have 4 of the conquistadors lost in New Spain searching for Cibola, and running across the maidens.  I'll be using Warrior Heroes Legends.  It covers the armor types, and while it doesn't cover firearms, I have enough experience (and other THW rulesets) for that to be no problem.  The four conquistadors stats are already done, and 11 (2-12 on 2d6) pefs generated to represent the girls.  My aim is to see if heavier armor can just walk over the unarmored.  I also have, unpainted, a couple of bags of early Apaches from the lamented London War Room.

And, of course, I forgot that I had bags of Frontier conquistadors and mule train that I got from Time Portal Hobbies a couple of months ago.  There are a total of 4 mounted figures, more than enough for any conquistador game, even were I to add of the Frontier.  Oh, the Monday Knight Productions figures have the seeder (a leather-worker tool) eyes just like Frontier.

No, they will never see Aztecs.  Now all I need is the time to play the game!