Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey, it's been a long time!

Well, It's been way too long since a post, but that's been because of long days, lots of rain, and having a cold.  Enough excuses?

All I have to show are a few painted figures.  I finally finished my 42 Gunga Din highlanders.  21 were finished a while ago, and I just up and finished the rest so they could get off my painting table.  I added a piper who has no use whatsoever in the game, but hey!  The Gunga Din is one I painted a while back.  All figures are Ral Partha.

I also have a creature that I bought on sale from FRPGames.  It was called "Nightmare Beast", and reminded me of a poem I wrote during my college days that got published in the UNO yearly poetry book.  The poem was written to make fun of a friend who always had doom and gloom poems.I added male genatalia, because he just didn't seem nasty enough.  It's an Elmore Masterworks "Nightmare Beast"
Nest is a Chronoscope mechanic who I painted up sweaty and dirty.  I have the same figure to paint to use the assault gun that also came in the pack.
And lastly, a Pinnacle figure that I converted, adding his rifle, for a Deadlands game for my character, also a while back.

Currently I am working on a group of nude and semi-nude figures, NWS, that I hope to finish soon.  Unfortunately, having time to paint or play means work is slow, which it will be with the upcoming holidays.