Tuesday, August 18, 2015

GW'S LOTR Uruk-Hai scout.

Just a short one today to show one of the plastic figures from Games Workshop. The photo is not one of my best. I forgot that the camera was set for "auto" since we had just got back from a Star Wars troop at the Metairie YMCA. There are a couple of places where it shows that it's a plastic, with fill-ins where there would be undercuts on a metal figure, but not bad at all.
For those who are interested in such things, here's my entry from my painting dairy.
Skin: my U-H skin mix which is a reddish-brown mix of craft paints.  It's then highlighted with P3 Bloodstone. (Anyone notice that there's no really good red brown in craft paints?)
Chest & leg armor: Reaper ProPaint Walnut highlighted with Ral Partha Dark Brown.
Skirt & shirt: Delta Ceramcoat Dark Brown
Helmet, gloves & shoes: P3 Battlfield Brown, highlighted with RP Dark Brown.
Belt and back straps: Reaper ProPaint Walnut.
Coat: Ceramcoat Brown Iron Oxide.
Teeth: Ceramcoat Old Parchement.
All metal: IWM Steel Plate
Yes, I have LOTS of old paint bottles!
The figure is then given a thin black wash.
Base is painted with Ceramcoat Dark Brown, and then flocked.
When finished, the whole model is then sprayed with a matte finish.
That's it!