Sunday, February 26, 2012


Still can't reply to my own blog.  Sigh.

The paint rack is actually a thread rack my wife got when the sewing store she worked at was discarding it.

I was afraid there would be no room for my legs, but the lower shelf is narrower than the top, so I have a little room, plus the hieght means my chair is fully extended, so both my legs and back can be kept straight.

New painting table

Work has kept me from running any solo games lately, but I did finish painting the awful Old Glory French Canadian infantry from the FIW line.

I'm awaiting a few ECW infantry and peasants to paint for Pistol's Revoult, which I will be running at Bayou Wars.

My paint table was obtained in 2001, and was partialy under water for a day during hurricane Katrina.  My older back has been aching (hah!) for a higher table.  A trip to Home Depot to see what I could get resulted in me finding a knock-down work bench just the right height for $70.00.  Of course, it doesn't show up on their web site.

It's 72" x 22" x 34" high.  It's made to be portable (sort of!).  The legs are held on by giant nuts and bolts, one at each corner.  You simply lay it on it's back or side, fold out the leg unit on each end, stand it upright, and put the shelf across the end unit crossbars.  It really does assemble in about 3 minutes.

Of course, setting it up required a complete re-do of my little corner.
Here's a picture.

I definitely suggest clicking on this on for the larger picture.  The troops in the front are some of Perry's Pennisular plastic figures.  That's all you can make into flank company from the box, and to their right are the 4 riflemen that come in the box.  The empty medicine bottles on the shelf contained bb's that I use in paint bottles for mixers.  The paint rack was a gift.

It will be a long process to get everything arranged.  The blinds open on the back yard for beaucoups of light!