Monday, July 13, 2015

Modifying Fat Dragon Games' Borderline Keep tower as a stand-alone piece.

I recently decided that I needed a stand-alone tower with a basic interior for gaming purposes.  Searching through my paper models, I found that Fat Dragon Games Borderline Keep had a tower that was about 5 " square and should do admirably.

Since the tower sides are symetrical, I just printed each side twice for the exterior and interior.
Of course the hardest part was the crennellated top.  I glued this to heavy comic book or scrapbooking paper I got on line. And I used the same paper to support the floor.
Here's a photo of the completed tower.

Although it is not immediately apparent, the crenellated upper story lifts off as does the story with the arrows slots..
Here's the underneath of the tower top.

The second floor was strengthened with black foamcore.  It cuts so much better than the white foamcore, without the great gouts of foam pulling out as you cut. The red is to help locate its position on the first floor, since I'm not perfect and the pieces fit together better in a certain way.  This floor, and the ground floor are from Model Builder.
Here's a bottom view.  I had to add a double floor with spacers to get the figures to the right height versus the arrow slots, which I did not cut out. There are two locators made from the black foamcore.
And the interior of the ground floor.  Since the door is not impenetrable, I added a murder hole, created in Model Builder.
Was it fiddley? Yes! Is it perfect? No.  Am I happy with it? Yes.  It will do well in the game it is intended for. This is just a little advice on how to convert a quick build tower with no access to its interior into a playable tower with 3 floors.