Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pistol's Revoult. English Civil War

These are the entire figures for the game that I will be putting on a Bayou Wars on Friday morning this year.
Pistol's Revoult was on Ed Allen's Hobby Hovel in the 1990's, but it's since disappeared in the the fogs of time. Though the site is available on the archive site, the scenario seems to have gone.

I'll be using Two Hour Wargame's "Long Rifle" with mods for the ECW that I've got pretty well complete.  Boy, will matchlocks take a looong time to reload, at least to the player's viewpoint.  This is definately a skirmish rule set.

Without further ado, here are the figures:
Pistol's Band of Rebels
Flee Protestantism PistolThe worst kind of rebel leader. Totally paranoid and self important with a firm belief in maintaining his roots - hence the scythe. A reasonable shot and deadly in hand-to-hand due to his fanatical belief in his cause.
Pistol is at the left.  He's an old Redoubt figure.  The rest are Dixon, got for 50 cents each on Wargames, who is closing them out.  These are his party.

Pistol's Band of Rebels - Part the II
"Nutter" Cooke:  A former Clubman and all around nasty piece of work. Only in it for the fun and the grog.
"Nutter" Cooke is to the left, and these are his men to command.  All Dixon.

Sir Hugh Chomley is sent to put down Pistol's revolt, but joins instead.
Sir Hugh Chomley's Company of Foote

Sir Hugh CholmleyA typical landed lord prior to the rise of parliament. Fat, arrogant and more than a little inbred. He is convinced of the idea that some people and simply better than others ie., him and commoners. Also a firm believer that the King, be he an addle-headed, drunken fool is still the King and therefore unimpeachable.
Sir Hugh, to the left,  and the drummer are Dixon; the rest Perry Miniatures metals.

Sir Hugh Chomley's Company of Foote - Part the II
Sergeant Blomfart:  Late of the Continental Wars, a man of considerable girth and ferocity. Another believer in the divine right of King Charles. 
Blomfart, left, is Dison, the rest, Perry's.


Fairfax's Company
Away With This Popery Fairfax:  The kind of zealot that gave Puritans a bad name. Totally dedicated to the Parliamentarian cause and rooting out Popish heresy wherever it may be found. Voted for cancelling Christmas, banning dancing and singing, and shooting all small animals owned by continental royalty.
These are all Redoubt, and painted about 10 years ago.

Fairfax's Company - Part the II
Anthony Scrope, Esq.:  An aspiring officer in the Parliament army. A crack shot.
All Perry's.

Fairfax's Company - Part the III
Sir Digby Strange:  Horsey chap. Runs to hounds. Good egg. Not much between the ears.
All Redoubt, and painted about 10 years ago.

Pistols reload quicker than matchlocks.  Pistol's party are in The King's Head Inn, a decent spot to defend.  Hopefully, this will make up for the lower quality troops on his side.  Each mounted man carries two wheel-locks, so Parliament has 12 fire-arms to the Royalists 9 fire-arms and 3 bows.  Should be interesting.
Oh, each player will control the figures in one of the photos above.