Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Plethora of Conans!

Recently, I received a number of barbarian castings from Reaper. I've got most of them painted up, so I thought I'd share them! Here we have Conan #1! Quite a nice figure, actually.  I added a shield I had laying around, perhaps a Grenadier.

And this is Conan #2! I rather like this pose. Very Schwarzeneger!

Conan #3, in the silly, let me stick my hand out for you to cut off pose.

Now we come to some of the other barbarians before getting to Conan #4. This one is my least favorite, simply because of his ridiculous Games Workshop Space Marine greaves. Power armor on a fantasy barbarian!

An archer clad only in chain!  Normally this would be at the top of my list except for the Ral Partha standard pose!

Now we come to the wild woman barbarian.  Her background, for me, at least, is that she joins in the after-battle orgy, but never remembers with whom.  Therefore, she coats her belly and thighs with woad, to help her identify her playmate the next morning!

And now, we come to Conan #4, saved til now for obvious reasons! Perhaps the woad helps his memory as well.

I didn't realize that this figure came in a 3 pack as well as a single pack, so I have 2.  To give them an obvious difference, she has an Indian skin tone, different fur, metal, and shield color.

And here is here is her sister under the skin! I had already given her black hair, or she might have brown to differentiate the 2 better.

This is one dynamic, busy figure.  She has 3 pouches dangling from her belt, and a scabbard for her dagger, but not her sword.  She cried out for a flaming mane.  I suppose she could be Red Sonja, though not as drawn in the comics.

This is a beautiful, calm figure.  I know that Reaper conceived of her as a redhead, but once you buy it, it's yours.  Besides, I believe that Cimmerians a dark-haired.

Another reaper from a 2-pack.  I know she seems African, but I thought of the wild mass of hair, Edwinna Booth, as Ms. Trent - the White Goddess, in Trader Horn possessed.  It inspired me to go in this direction.

Not a Reaper miniature.  I had this figure lying around, and decided to paint her, just because.

These figures are by Black Tree Design, from their fantasy range, and come from a 3 pack of Elven witches.  I don't normally do bloody things, because I never feel that it comes out right, but I had no choice.

And finally, I have Cigaret, L'Amie de la France, from the book Under Two Flags.  This is how the little cantiniere is described.  It's not how Mme. Colbert is dressed in the Ronald Coleman movie, but much more showy.  She loved to dance to entertain the soldats in Africa. I haven't been able to get a photo I'm satisfied with. She is an old Willie figure from the 60's or 70's.