Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Holly Wood Gang goes to the country.

My historical opponent had prior committments, so I decided to play an All Things Zombie:Better Dead Than Zed game.  I got out my Risks & Rewards cards and drew out the first 3 gangers.

And here they are.  Holly Wood, with the highest Rep is the obvious leader.

She decided that they would investigate a farm they were passing to see if they could "liberate" any supplies.
Initial scanning of the layout showed only 3 zombies, 2 dead ahead, and one way off to the right.
They all fired, and Holly and Sven downed their zombies, but Asthma Al missed the one in the field to the right.

All these shots only generated 2 zombies, 1 to the rear and another to the right.
They moved forward as a group.
Holly and Sven sprinted towards the house, Holly to the front porch and Sven to check the rear, and see if there was a back door.  Al lagged behind.  Even Holly's LD couldn't keep him up to seed.

Now that Holly was more than 4" from Al, he couldn't activate, but luckily for him, neither could the zombies. Humans 5 Zombies 6.
Sven rejoins Holly, who steps through the unlocked door (should have told the Ganger something), and comes face to face with 2 survivors, Andy Capp, Rep 4 with a submachine gun, and Thumper, Rep 3 with a pistol.
Time for Meet & Greet, and Holly scores 1 more success than the Survivors, so they join up only for this episode.  (Both sides were -2d6 for not being the same types).
We are up to turn 5 and its Humans 3 Zombies 1 on the activation dice, so the humans activate first. Holly searches the kitchen and finds nothing.  Andy and Thumper search the other downstairs room, and find a pistol, which Andy keeps.  The beginning of a trend.  The zombies stumble towards the house, but can't even catch Al, who moves forward.

Turn 6: Humans 2 Zombies 5. 
Holly and Sven go upstairs.  The upstairs landing is empty.

Turn 7: Humans 2 Zombies 4
Holly goes into the left bedroom, and find Mon & Dad, zombified!  Zombie Surprise!

Holly wins the Zombie Surprise, and takes a shot at each, hitting both, miraculously killing both with her pistol!  Sven opens the bathroom door, and finds a Zombie Surprise of 2 zombies!  He outrolls the zombies and fires, taking out 1, going Low on Ammo, and then the other in melee.
(The tension was so great that my hand shook while taking the picture).
Meanwhile, Andy and Thumper have gone out the front door and take an In Sight on the zombies approaching the front porch.  They hold fire.  Al spins around, and snapfires, and misses.  The zombies still can't reach them.

All this shooting has only generated 2 zombies.  Ah, the country!

Turn 8:  Humans 1 Zombies 5
Holly searches the room and finds nothing worth keeping.  Sven reloads.  Al, Andy and Thumper head for the barn.

Turn 9: Humans 5 Zombies 1
The zombies begin to follow the conga line.
Holly crosses to the other bedroom, and finds it empty.

Turn 10: Humans 2 Zombies 4
(At this point company arrived, and picture taking became more haphazard)
The zombies charge the group.  Rep 3 Thumper passed 1d6 on the Being Charged test and melees her zombie at -2d6 for being charged to the rear, and still takes it out.  Andy passes 2d6, turns, fires, hits twice, but doesn't take out the zombie, but kills him in melee
Al passes 0d6, and retires 8" away from the threat.
Holly and Sven descend to the first floor.
Andy and Thumper continue on their way to the barn.
The shooting generates one zombie, about 3" from Al.

Turn 11:  Humans 3 Zombies 1
Holly and Sven fast move towards Al, and Holly fires at the zombie, missing.
Andy enters the barn, and the ground floor is empty.
Al shoots at the zombie and misses.  The zombie charges and Al fires, and misses.  The zombie knocks Al OOF.
1 zombie is generated, to the rear.

Turn 12:  Humans 5 Zombies 3
Holly and Sven charge the zombie standing over Al, and take him out!  The zombies move closer.

Turn 13:  Humans 1 Zombies 5
Holly and Sven move to the pump house behind the house, open the door, and find thmselves staring down the barrels of 3 shotgun belong to 3 Rep 4 Survivors.  The Survivors pass 1 more d6 in Meet & Greet, and wave Holly and Sven off.  "Go away, and we won't kill you!"
Andy digs around on the ground floor of the barn and finds gold: a roll of toilet paper still in its wrapping!

The rest of the turns will become narrative, since the zombies are a little too far away to be really dangerous.
Thumper follows Andy into the barn, with a zombie following way behind her.
There is a Hummer 2 behind the house and Holly sees that there are no people, living or undead, in it, and no keys.  Holly finds a rifle in the car.

Andy and Thumper climb the ladder to the loft in the barn.  It's empty, except for a baseball bat.
Holly tries to hotwire the H2, unsuccessfully.

Andy and Thumper climb back down the ladder to the floor of the barn.  Sven successfully hotwires the H2.
It only generates 1 zombie.

Turn 18:  Humans 1 Zombies 2
A zombie moves to unconscious Al, but before it can start to chew, Holly backs the H2 over it, not losing control.  Sven jumps out and throws Al in the back seat.

A few more zombies are generated by the H2, but they are no match for Holly's driving, and the only one who is in the road is run over, with Holly maintaining control of the vehicle.

The Holly Wood gang has gained a rifle and an H2.

Al passes his "Harry, are you OK?" test with flying colors, and won't become a zombie.  Holly has passed all criteria to increase her Rep, but doesn't make the grade.  Sven, with hotwiring the H2 passed his, but doesn't make the grade either.  Al has failed, but doesn't decrease in Rep.  Holly will have to keep him closer to keep him under her leadership.

For being Gangers encountering two groups of Survivors, they were mighty lucky in the Meet And Greet results.  The 3 Survivors with shotguns could have easily taken them out.

This was fun: I hadn't played gangers before, and they react a little differently than the others.

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