Sunday, August 21, 2011

More on Brother in Arms

Chris Swearingen graciously assented to my use of his email to the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo group on my blog, so without further ado, here's his admittedly biased report!

Ken Hafer ran a great SCW scenario, with Italian Rep 3
troops on both sides!

The Fascists were atop a hill with tankette support
(oh, and a mortar)

Our loyal brave dedicated anarco/communist/freethinking
Italians had snazzy motorcycle infantry,
some stylish foot sloggers, and 2 heroic HMG teams.

The clever Motoguzzi troops drew the Tankettes out in
the middle, while our valiant infantry squads swept wide
to the right to outflank the Fascists.
The remaining motorcycle troops then started a sweep to the left
(most survived, as the Rep3 tankettes just kept making them
duck back)

The HMG teams finally set up behind a farm wall,

started laying down fire support on the tankettes,
and actually managed to knock 2 of them out!
(right after I finished putting together my new
Litko "Burning Wreckage" markers!)

The surviving tankette, with guns constantly running
out of ammo, twice tried to overrun our infantry
sweeping left, and both times our valiant comrades managed
to jam the tankettes treads with their otherwise useless
Rep3 bodies.

The squads on the right managed to completely outflank the
Fascist left, took out the mortar team,
captured wine and prisoners in the smaller building,
and laid down a withering volley of "pitiful shots"
to pin down the Fascist reserves in the main hacienda.

With the last tankette still immobilized by valiant motoguzzi volunteer Pedro, the remaining cycle troops stormed the hacienda and
finally downed the Fascist Tenente.

A great game and great fun!

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