Monday, September 5, 2011


It's been too long since I updated the former Miss Holly Wood's adventures.  So I decided that a romp in the countryside to find a safe house would be now Miss Trudy Holmes' new goal.

Seems she remembers an old desanctified mission way out on a dirt road, and hoped it was still available.
She and Myron drove the VW microbus and H2 close to the location, but out of earshot, and hopped out and walked up the road.

After their initial move of 8" up the road, Myron advised Trudy that they had zombies off to their left.
Turn 1: Humans 3, Zombies 1
Trudy and Myron move another 8" up the road, and Trudy takes a shot at the nearest zombie, and kills it.  The other zombies follow the humans.
The gunfire draws no zombies.  Since this is a rural area, they only appear on a die roll of "6".

Turn 2: Humans 1, Zombies 6
Trudy remembers that the mission had a stout gate, and heads in it's direction.  The zombies stall.

Turn 3: Humans 3, Zombies 1
Trudy moves to the gate and finds it locked.
Myron noticed an open window to their right, so they move to it, having been only 2" from the gate at the start of their activation.
The zombies have lost sight of the humans, so they continue towards the sound of gunfire.

Turn 4: Humans 5, Zombies 2
Trudy sends Myron through the window first, since he is only Rep 4, but can activate on Trudy's Rep of 5.  I decided that the building would have 2 sections in the main room, so they scan the main room and see no zombies nor humans.
The zombies continue on their current path.

Turn 5: Humans 2, Zombies 1
Trudy moves to the second section of the building, and sees no one and no zombies.
Myron searches the first section, and comes up with a set of house keys.  (no vehicles in this game, so keys need to be for something else.)
The zombies are confused, seeing no humans and hearing no gunfire.

Turn 6: Humans 1, Zombies 4
The zombies move to the sound of voices.
Trudy searchs her section and finds nothing.  Myron moves into the courtyard and sees another door.
Turn 7: Humans 4, Zombies 4
Trudy moves to back up Myron.  Myron moves to the door, finds it unlocked, and pulls it open.  The room is empty.
The zombies move to the window where they heard voices, but sense no one.

Turn 8: Humans 3, Zombies 5
Myron sees a ladder in the room and Trudy sends him up it while she searches the room and finds a crossbow!  When Myron reaches the top of the ladder, he sees 2 zombies and fires!  The one he hits doesn't even notice the bullet from his puny SMG, and he and the other one cahrge him.  Myron ties one zombie and kills the other in melee.
Firing attracts no new zombies.

Turn 9: Humans 2, Zombies 1
Trudy searches the visible courtyard and finds food!  Myron melees the remaining zombie, and kills him.  The 3 zombies in the road, maddened by the gunfire attack the gate.  Since it was so stout, and barred from the inside, I gave it a DV of 4.  The zombies would roll 1d6 each, and each success would lower the DV by 1.  They get one success, lowering the DV of the gate to 3.

(Myron and the zombie bodies are not on the roof.  It was more convenient to put them there.)

Turn 10:  Humans 2, Zombies 5
Trudy turns the corner in the courtyard, and sees a girl pointing a pistol.  Trudy adds her 2d6 for Charisma to her 5 for Rep.  The girl is a Rep 4 Ganger.  She is beaten by only one success, so she joins Trudy's gang only for the duration of the mission.  (So much for Charisma!)
Myron moves to the roof and finds it empty.

Turn 11: Humans 4, Zombies 2
Trudy searches this little section of courtyard and finds another Food.
Myron moves to the edge of the roof, and kills 2 of the zombies attempting to break down the gate.
Trudy sends the girl to watch the gate, in case the zombies break through.
The one remaing zombie claws at the gate, to no effect.
Turn 12:  Humeans 1, Zombies 6
Trudy fast moves to the gate, and has Myron throw her the keys.  She intends to investigate a building that Myron has seen to the rear of the mission.  The girl opens the gate on Turdy's command , and there's a zombie.  Both Trudy and the girl take an In Sight, and pass.  Trudy fires her semi-automatic rifle, and rolls two "1's".  Click, click, out of ammo.  The girl fires her BA pistol, and misses.

All this firing attracts no zombies.

Turn 13:  Humans 1, Zombies 3
There are no zombies.
Trudy backs up and reloads.  The girl fires and misses.
Myron fires and kills the zombie.
Once again, the gunfire attracts no zombies.

Turn 14: Humans 1, Zombies 3
There are no zombies.
Trudy and the girl move out of the gate, and come face-to-face with Charles Many, Rep 3 Survivor with a bolt-action rifle.  Trudy suceeds so well, even though she loses 2d6 for different philosophies, that Charles joins up.
Turn 15: Humans 6, Zombies 1
No zombies

Turn 16: Humans 5, Zombies 2
Trudy's group moves toward the building.
Turn 17:  Humans 5, Zombies 6
Trudy tells the girls to try the door.  It's locked, but Trudy's key fits the door.  Trudy and the girl enter the room to find a single zombie.  Trudy passes 2d6, the girl 1d6, and the zombie, 1d6 on the Zombie Surprise test.  Trudy fires and kills the zombie.
Trudy's fire attracts one zombie, in the woods to the left of the building.

Turn 18: Humans 6, Zombies 1
The zombie in the woods moves towards Charles, the only human he can see.

Turn 19: Humans 3, Zombies 1
Trudy searches the room and finds even more food!  Myron moves to the ladder to get down from the roof.  Charles fires at the zombie in the wood, and misses.  The zombie charges, and Charles kills him in melee.
Turn 19: Humans 2, Zombies 3
There are no zombies.  Trudy and the girls move into the back room, and face 2 Survivors, both male, a Rep 4 with an SMG, and a Rep 5 with a bolt-action rifle.  Trudy passes 1 more D6, so they join for the duration if the mission, but the mission is acheived, so they and the girl leave.

After the battle:  Trudy has gained her safe house, not to mention 3 supplies of food and a crossbow.  She has gained a gang member.  Myron advanced his Rep to 5, and gains the attribute Empathy. 

Keeping it together:  Trudy scored 6 successes.  Myron scored 3, and Charles scored none.  So everyone is fat and happy, and Trudy's group has increased to 3.


  1. Excellent BATREP Love the speech blurbs. The Zombies chatting made me LOL

  2. Hah, wonderful batrep! I have to agree with Brummie, the speech / thought blurbs are great fun.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  3. Just now reading this! Keep it up, I've enjoyed them!

    That naked zombie just wouldn't die during your game at Pelicon...LOL!