Friday, April 20, 2012

and Beastmen, and Dwarfs, and Ogre, sigh!

And here are some more newly painted figures for the up-coming Red Sun Black Moon for fantasy gladiator-ing from Two Hour Wargames.  As always, click on the pics for larger ones.

Beastmen, all plastic.  I believe the big fellow in the center is from GW Talisman.  I don't know about the smaller ones.  I tried to keep the shield designs crudely done.  I don't see them as having a great deal of artistic talent.

And dwarfs (thank you, autocorrect. I really thought that the plural was "dwarves")  The guy in the blue armor on the left took a LOT of detail work, but the end result was worth it!  The little cutie in the center is in various shades of purple because that my wife's favorite color, and she is a little shortie herself.  Both of these are from Reaper.  The cartoony fellow on the right is also GW Talisman, I believe.

And the last ogre I believe I have, also from Reaper.


  1. They are all great. Really like the ogre cracking figure and the colour scheme suits it

  2. Great mix of figures there! RSBM has my interest, but if its $20 for the PDF I'll pass. Ganesha games have spoiled me for the PDF rules market. :/

  3. The Ogre and the cutie are both great. Good photography too!