Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mounted Dark Ages figures

I got all 13 mounted figures painted over the 4th of July.  A day off without pay when you're an independent contractor.
The first pictures are of the 12 figures with kite shields.  I primed the knights black, drybrushed the chainmail with P3 Pig Iron, and then painted the rest of the figure.  It got the chainmail I wanted, but I'm still no fan of black priming.  I don't paint the GW way.

The horses were primed grey, sprayed dark brown or tan.  The dark brown were drybrushed with a dark brown craft paint.  All the horse furniture was painted with P3 Bootstrap Leather.  The tan horses had a wash of FW Sienna airbrush ink, and didn't come out as well as I hoped.  After their horse furniture was also painted, all horses received a wash of my brown wash and were dull-coated.

The shields were spray painted, dull coated, and added after the figures were mounted and all bright metal was painted.

Here are two facing off to show both sides of the figure.
I also realized that they are true 25's, which will make it difficult to add to the figures.  I got out a Newline Design Norman knight I have to compare, and he towered over them, even without the Litko base.  Here's a pic with a Ral Partha post 1889 British lancer, true 25, and on the other side, an Old Glory 3rd Crusade knight.  Pretty small, though a hair larger than the Ral Partha.
Boy, are these guys boring from the back!
And here's the only mounted figure that fits with the spearmen I posted earlier.  Obviously a chieftan, by all the falderal on his horse furniture.

That's it so far.  And now Two Hour Wargames announced that the next publication will be Colonial Adventures!  I should be painting up more pathans, or replacing my 80 missing anszrs!


  1. The painting is good. I was in the white prime camp but was going to try black for my vikings. I think the muted colors suit dark age themed stuff.

  2. Sweet, nice paint job on these. I used to do all my stuff from a black undercoat. Swiftly regretting that method as my recent zombies that I've done where over a white undercoat and they look much better!

  3. So all done with the Dark Age stuff? Ready to play test Templars and Turcopoles (will replace Montjoie).

  4. That's an amazing day's work. I wish I could paint that fast.

  5. wow! very nice Normans !!
    (even I don't like too much the "all-the-same" poses...but I suppose it's not a problem for wargame?)

  6. I'm not too fond of the all-the-same poses, but the 129 figures were a gift from a friend!
    Let's go Templars and Turcopoles!
    Only 100 more foot to paint;-)