Friday, July 13, 2012

Spear Chuckers

Here are lesser luminaries in the Dark Ages.  The unarmored spear chuckers.  This is all 16 of them, but 12 are Varangian(?), and 4 are definitely Saxon lesser fyrd.
First the Varangians:
And next the Saxon lesser fyrd:
I decided that these guys were unable to pay for painted shields, but a few scribbled some designs on theirs. The helmets, spear points, and shield bosses were painted in P3 Pig Iron with no over coating of silver.  I figured that their stuff would be of lesser quality.  The spear hafts were painted lighter than the shieldwall guys, to represent them being throwaways, so not finished.

Here are two fyrd from the sides:
And two of the tossers from the side.  First pose:
And the second pose.
Here's one with a shieldwall guy.  I was hoping to show the difference in their metals, but it didn't photograph in that way.
I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for Pelicon II, where I will be putting on a 5150 Star Army game, and playing in as many as I can get into!


  1. nice figures (not the better ones I've ever seen !)and your painting work improved them a lot! I like especially the Saxon-shields : simple but efficient! (the small designs are good!)
    I'm actually painting Anglo-Saxons (1/72) and this will help me! thanks!

  2. No, they're not the best figures in the world. They're chinless wonders. On the other hand, they all come with their spears in the bag. No buying weapons from someone else or banging spears out from florist's wire.