Friday, January 25, 2013


My Ral Partha Pathan "army" has been suffering from a lack of bodies for a very long time, so when Al Maurer of Askari Miniatures decided to get rid of some of his old treasures, Ral Partha Pathans that he had painted, when, like me, "I could paint them with unaided eyes".

There were 36 painted foot and 1 mounted for just a little more than buying unpainted figures from Great Endeavours where I get all my new Ral Parthas, I jumped on them!  Since I have 20 figures to a unit with 1 leader included, I ordered a pack of 10 Pathans firing rifles to add to them, and replace figures in existing units that have gone missing over the years.

Al's figures were mounted on 1/2" bases made of card, so I rebased them on 3/4" pennies and washers to match the rest of the army.  It was fun trying to match Al's paint jobs and mine from 25 years ago.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures of my 3 tribes.
Al's are the front two units in the beige outfits.  When I did these, I didn't realize that there was so little info on Pathan standards, so all my standards are completely fictional!
Al's unit front and center!  The blue that you see is because the moving trays (not bases!) are from the electrical box covers that I was put onto Al Reis when we we doing Soldier's Companion.  The reason I say "not bases" is because I run lots of convention games, and open order is a base apart, not a moving tray!
These are the oldest paint jobs, and reflect the Revision 1 The Sword And The Flame idea of identifying units with different colors.  I needed to add a single figure to each unit, and matching paint colors from 25 years ago is difficult.
These are the Bunnerals, often mentioned in Winston Churchill's "The Story Of The Malakand field Force".
You may notice that there is no cavalry, and probably won't be.  I have Al's mounted figure for the ubergrouppenfuhrer for the Pathans, and that's it.  I did have a gaudily painted mounted figure that seems to have gone missing.

These boys will give my Scotties and Indian troops a hard time, as they have already defeated the Indians alone in 2 convention games, without the 2 extra units!

Churchill says that the Pathans had a great fear of cavalry if they were caught in the open, and I'll have to incorporate that in my future Colonial Adventures games.

Thanks for looking, and I will attempt to do better in replying to your comments!


  1. They look impressive all mobbed together like that nice work.

    1. Thank you. They were done a long time ago and have been in many battles, and show it a little.