Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cromak Returns!

Yes, gentlefolk, Cromak has returned to the ring!  His latest bout is featured below.  Cromak's opponent is Niobe, a Hykarian female warrior with a two-handed axe, a Savvy of 4, Strength of 4, and a Speed of 5!  In addition to the warrior attributes, she has Guile! And she is a 6 pointer.

Cromak is a slow mover, so she will probably always move first, and win more Maneuvers.  Their weapons are equal, but her lesser Strength could tell in the long run.

Right off the bat Cromak moves from his gate to the heart of the arena, as does Niobe.  But then, Niobe, apparently afraid of Cromak's reputation, hesitates.

She hesitates again, drawing boos from the crowd, and abuse from Cromak!

Then Niobe slips past Cromak's guard, but is unable to strike home.

Her greater speed and agility keep the two of them bouncing back and forth, unable to connect with each other, until Niobe steps out of Cromak's way, and gives him a slight belly wound as he charges, and he goes down.

Elated, Niobe does a victory dance instead of charging in while Cromak is on the ground, and he regains his feet!  (NPG movement)  By this time, both Cromak and Niobe are out of bonus dice.

Cromak charges in and nearly severs Niobe's right arm, pushing her backing her back!

But even wounded, Niobe's speed and Guile make it very difficult for either to gain an advantage.  They go round and round, slashing and hacking, dodging and feinting to no effect.  But time is beginning to tell on Niobe as her life's blood reddens the sand!

Niobe knows there's no surrender and continues to fight, even as little sparkles outline her narrowing vision!  With desperate swings, she forces Cromak back to the wall, but cannot overcome his defense.

And suddenly, she collapses, robbing Cromak of a killing stroke, as her blood ceases to flow from her wound.

Cromak is the victor, but Niobe's vigor had kept him out of the center of the arena, and backed to the wall.  It is not a pretty, manly victory, as Cromak would have wanted, but he consoles himself with another point of Fame, his earnings, and his returns on his bets!  Little cost for a good return, but nothing to brag about over a mug of ale.  But the barmaid salves his cut on his belly, and he tries unsuccessfully to increase his speed with a Fame point.

Because the fighters were so evenly matched, there were many retakes, and the NPG table insured that Niobe would use her bonus dice quickly, though not quite as quickly as Cromak.  He now has a total of 8 Fame points, with 6 useable, having failed to increase his Speed twice.


  1. Yeah!!!! Great fight!

    1. Thanks. It wasn't quite as dramatic as I would have liked, but not bad for just returning to the game!

  2. Thanks! It's a fun system, and filling in with one's imagination just adds to the fun!

  3. Great to see Cromak back. Still absolutely love the comic book style. Who will Cromak fight next? By the way your figures are great, a lot of character.

  4. Cromak's enemies are rolled for, so it keeps the GM guessing!