Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hell Hath No Fury Patrol #2

I got a couple of Pendraken M4A4's with the 76mm gun. (I have 8 more on order from the War Store).  I decided that I would have them go after a Tiger I.  There would be the regular 3 PEF's on the board so I wouldn't be sure where it was.  My plans change into a regular patrol quickly and you will see why!

Turn 1: In order to get the game going, the Shermans moved 12" on an invisible road, and the PEF's moved towards them, 1 at 8", and the other 2 at 4" each, as decided by the die rolls.
Turn 2:: US 3 Germans 4
All PEF's move 4" towards the Shermans.  The Shermans' attempts at PEF resolution resulted in them being resolved next turn with 3d6. Note that the Shermans have no LOS to each other, and so operate independently.

Turn 3: US 4 Germans 5
The first PEF to be resolved is the Tiger I.  Insights are US 3 & 1, Tiger 3.
 In the rules, in a tie the player decides who goes first.  Being no idiot, my Sherman #1 goes first with a flank shot and destroys the Tiger I.  Not much of a game!  So the second PEF is resolved as 1 Panzer IV-H.  The In Sights are once again ties.  Since Sherman 1 is unable to turn his turret (only once when active OR move), he Ducks Back.

Turn 4  US 3 Germans 6
Both Shermans move to where they can see the Pzkw IV-H, though Sherman #2 can only see his turret over the rocks.  The German passes more dice on the In Sight that either Sherman, and fires first at Sherman #1.  He misses, a double 6! Sherman #1 returns fire and explodes the Pzkw IV-H!
Turn 5 US 6 Germans 4
The US can't move and the PEF passes 0d6.

Turn 6: US 6 Germans 2
The PEF moves 4" in the village towards the Shermans.
Turn 7 US 3 Germans 5
The US advances to within LOS of the PEF and it turns out to be nothing!
Sherman #1 radios headquarters with the new that the village is clear of German vehicles.

This was a rather more satisfactory result than the previous sortie, posibly because I didn't make so many mistakes.

Now a word about the Pendraken tanks.  I have two M4A4 76mm Shermans and 2 M10's, also a Stug III. My total order is for 2 platoons of M4A4's and one of M10's.  I also have on order 4 Stug III's.War Store warns that he has limited quantities, and orders twice a month.  No problem.  

If you look at the picture of the tank on either website, you can see that the there is a mold registration problem on the turret and gun. This means that the turret and gun top and bottom are slightly off from one another. This requires a bit of work with jeweler's files.  The same hold true for the M10's turret, though it doesn't affect the gun..  I don't consider it too much of a problem, but now you know.

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