Monday, July 31, 2017

Lagertha and the Shield Maidens

I'm always on the look-out for somewhat different figures to plop into my Viking hordes.  Gorgon Studios, has provide Lagertha and some of her shield maidens.  They fit in perfectly with my Wargames Factory and Gripping Beast plastics. They will fit in fine in my units for Two Hour Wargames' "Great Hall Burning" and "Captains and Kings."
Left to right, we have a woman in chain with a sword over her shoulder. The next warrior is wearing a chain tunic under a cape, and also carrying a sword. The third is wearing leather armor and carrying an axe. And finally, our spearwoman, also in leather armor.
There are fine seams along the bottom of the cloth garments, which the figure painter on the site has painted as whip-stitched. It seemed like a fine idea to me! I should point out that I have substituted Wargame Factory's shield so that the figures will blend in more.

And now we have Lagertha herself! She's also wearing leather armor and sporting a sword.

The hair of all the figures is obviously influenced by television's "The Vikings".  This is better than giving them all 44DDD busts as a way to identify them as women. The figures with sword will all be added to the ranks of the huscarls.  The two without swords will be added to the bondi.  And here are some Gripping Beast bondi!
I've pretty well said everything about these figures that I have to say, except to repeat that they are easy to assemble and fun to paint.

Here's a comparison photo.


  1. Those are really nice. May have to pick up some myself.

  2. I was pleased with them. The girls are Shield Maidens 1. Let's hope for 2!