Saturday, November 25, 2017

Jack Scruby catalog 1962

I just refound my 1962 Jack Scruby catalog. I was about 14 or 15 when I received it.  All of the colored pictures and price changes were done by yours truly.

At that age, I worked in the only cafeteria in town on Sunday afternoon for the amazing amount of $4.00 total, so the miniatures were out of my reach. A box of Airfix figures were $0.49 at that time.  And I had discovered Ace double science fiction paperbacks! (Still a little too early for dates!) A trip down memory lane.  

Note that the last photo is a table set by Bruce Sigfried of Dayton, Ohio.  Who might that be?

42 pages.  There are no missing pages.  Some were printed on only one side.  As always, click a pic for a larger view.

I also have the pages PDF'ed and a single PDF document of all the pages, but, as I have no website, I have no way to upload them.