Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Day on Barsoom

This is a quick skirmish near Helium.  The actual game took about 10 minutes playtime, so I will let the comic pages do the talking.  Also, I only had 9 pictures, which leaves a blank on the template I was using.  Rules are Swordplay 2018 with the Barsoom mod supplied by Ed. As always, click on the pic for a larger one.


  1. Looked like fun, nice job on the figs as well!

  2. Great example on how games can be played quickly like scenes in a movie. So in a couple of hours you have multiple connected games.

    1. Yep, THW really allows you to do that. Now if the reports would only write themselves...

  3. I love those Bronze Age miniatures. I've always been resisting them and now you've just made it much harder to resist! Damn you :)