Monday, November 20, 2017

Ponze de Cabeza, a Conquistador of Little Note.

I used Warrior Heroes: New Dawn, currently under development at THW. It's intended for fantasy, and what is more fantastic than Native American Amazons!  Ponze had the Healer trait, which allowed him to heal both his wounded troopers with one spell.  He could do nothing for the dead crossbowman. Dead is dead.

I also attempted to simulate heavy fog by only doing terrain when the conquistadors entered a new section. That was not particularly successful.  I ended up using night rules of 6" visibility.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Plethora of Conans!

Recently, I received a number of barbarian castings from Reaper. I've got most of them painted up, so I thought I'd share them! Here we have Conan #1! Quite a nice figure, actually.  I added a shield I had laying around, perhaps a Grenadier.

And this is Conan #2! I rather like this pose. Very Schwarzeneger!

Conan #3, in the silly, let me stick my hand out for you to cut off pose.

Now we come to some of the other barbarians before getting to Conan #4. This one is my least favorite, simply because of his ridiculous Games Workshop Space Marine greaves. Power armor on a fantasy barbarian!

An archer clad only in chain!  Normally this would be at the top of my list except for the Ral Partha standard pose!

Now we come to the wild woman barbarian.  Her background, for me, at least, is that she joins in the after-battle orgy, but never remembers with whom.  Therefore, she coats her belly and thighs with woad, to help her identify her playmate the next morning!

And now, we come to Conan #4, saved til now for obvious reasons! Perhaps the woad helps his memory as well.

I didn't realize that this figure came in a 3 pack as well as a single pack, so I have 2.  To give them an obvious difference, she has an Indian skin tone, different fur, metal, and shield color.

And here is here is her sister under the skin! I had already given her black hair, or she might have brown to differentiate the 2 better.

This is one dynamic, busy figure.  She has 3 pouches dangling from her belt, and a scabbard for her dagger, but not her sword.  She cried out for a flaming mane.  I suppose she could be Red Sonja, though not as drawn in the comics.

This is a beautiful, calm figure.  I know that Reaper conceived of her as a redhead, but once you buy it, it's yours.  Besides, I believe that Cimmerians a dark-haired.

Another reaper from a 2-pack.  I know she seems African, but I thought of the wild mass of hair, Edwinna Booth, as Ms. Trent - the White Goddess, in Trader Horn possessed.  It inspired me to go in this direction.

Not a Reaper miniature.  I had this figure lying around, and decided to paint her, just because.

These figures are by Black Tree Design, from their fantasy range, and come from a 3 pack of Elven witches.  I don't normally do bloody things, because I never feel that it comes out right, but I had no choice.

And finally, I have Cigaret, L'Amie de la France, from the book Under Two Flags.  This is how the little cantiniere is described.  It's not how Mme. Colbert is dressed in the Ronald Coleman movie, but much more showy.  She loved to dance to entertain the soldats in Africa. I haven't been able to get a photo I'm satisfied with. She is an old Willie figure from the 60's or 70's.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Brits in shorts and Stuarts.

I've been building up my forces in anticipation of a NUTS: Big Battles game at Hubcon.  So far I have added a company of 8th Army Brits, to act as Argyll & Southerlands in the fall of Singapor, and a pack of Stuarts.
I'm no longer sure if these are Battlefront or Forged in Battle figures.  They were begun too long ago. In NUTS: Big Battles, a platoon is 3 bases (squads, sections) + a support weapon.  A company is 3 platoons + a company support weapon and a company command squad. In this formation, all are considered to be in control of  the company commander and can activate on his rep.  The picture's not the greatest.
The Stuarts are from Plastic Soldier.  They are a bit fiddly to assemble, but contain lots of options.  I named them on the left side so that I can use them for both US and UK.  An odd thing about the photo is the 2 different shades of OD.  They came from the same can of Testors spray, and are exactly the same color.  It shows the hazard many modelers fall into when basing their finely painted models on a single photograph.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Lagertha and the Shield Maidens

I'm always on the look-out for somewhat different figures to plop into my Viking hordes.  Gorgon Studios, has provide Lagertha and some of her shield maidens.  They fit in perfectly with my Wargames Factory and Gripping Beast plastics. They will fit in fine in my units for Two Hour Wargames' "Great Hall Burning" and "Captains and Kings."
Left to right, we have a woman in chain with a sword over her shoulder. The next warrior is wearing a chain tunic under a cape, and also carrying a sword. The third is wearing leather armor and carrying an axe. And finally, our spearwoman, also in leather armor.
There are fine seams along the bottom of the cloth garments, which the figure painter on the site has painted as whip-stitched. It seemed like a fine idea to me! I should point out that I have substituted Wargame Factory's shield so that the figures will blend in more.

And now we have Lagertha herself! She's also wearing leather armor and sporting a sword.

The hair of all the figures is obviously influenced by television's "The Vikings".  This is better than giving them all 44DDD busts as a way to identify them as women. The figures with sword will all be added to the ranks of the huscarls.  The two without swords will be added to the bondi.  And here are some Gripping Beast bondi!
I've pretty well said everything about these figures that I have to say, except to repeat that they are easy to assemble and fun to paint.

Here's a comparison photo.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sir Bivalve and the Uruk-Hai

Sir Bivalve and the Uruk-Hai is another playtest of Warrior Heroes: New Dawn, in the works at Two Hour Wargames.  My aim was to try out the mounted rules with mounted on both sides and to use shooting, which I had not before.

Here are the comic pages, which you will have to click on to see full size.

This game only went 3 turns, but was quite a bit more complicated than the comic pages show.  Let me list the opponents and etc.  Sir Bivalve (Star), Sir Remaunch and Sir Greenclaw were all Rep 5, AC 6 with Born To The Saddle trait. The longbowmen were Rep 4 AC 2.  The warg spearman and bowman were Rep 5. All the other orcs were Rep 4. All the orcs were AC 0, except the mounted bowman who was AC 2. The mounted spear was Born to the Saddle, the mounted sword had the Riddle of Steel, and the mounted bowman had the Way of the Hunter.

The Miasma was only 3, but was never passed by enough to matter in any case.  Also, the figure has to active to try his trait.

The bows were pretty much ineffective, even against one another, causing only a retire.  The other retires were caused by Man Down.

Sir Bivalve got in trouble against his mounted opponent, and had to rely on Star Power to save his skin.

It was a pretty uneven affair, with the human knights riding roughshod over the Uruk-Hai.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Herewith follows a tale of Sir Cammillus driving the daemonettes from his fief, protecting his serfs from their depredations! Two Hour Wargames "Warrior Heroes: New Dawn (Armies and Adventures 2) playtest. I haven't figured out how to make the pages larger, so you'll be obliged to click on them to read the comments.

The purpose of this game was to playtest the new mounted rules which are on the way. Sir Cammillus was a Rep 5; his spearmen Rep 4.  The barbarian (who played very little part in the game) was Rep 5, the daemonettes Rep 4.

I used a combination of the Non-Player Character reactions, and regular character reactions.

The game went 8 turns, mostly because the last daemonette was so difficult to kill.  Sir Cammillus had to use his Star power a number of times to not be Stunned, which would have killed him.  He was down to 3 dice by the end of the game.  The mount is a great equalizer, as it is a larger base, giving a moderator to melee, and allowing the mounted warrior to keep in combat, if he so chooses. The daemonettes had Born To The Saddle trait, and the knight The Riddle Of Steel. Miasma stayed at 4 for the whole game, so the traits failed about 90% of the time, but never badly enough to Stun The user.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Krogar Rescues Renee!

This is the first game I've played in a while.  I'm a little rusty both at playing and camera use. Please forgive the poor focus in a lot of the shots.
The rules are a test set of developing WH:A&A . Thanks to Bob Minadeo for sending them to me.  I hope he enjoys the battle.
I decided to do this in comic book form instead of my usual blow-by-blow method. I'm afraid you'll need to click on each page to read them. So herewith:

The only shield maiden who could have reached Krogar decided (dice) to retire, allowing Krogar, Renee, and the only functioning Nobelonga warrior left to leave the board. When Lilia attacked Krogar, he Stunned her, allowing him to escape.

When Krogar cracked his noggin, he used Star Power to avoid the Stun result.  That may have been a mistake. Bob will have to correct me on that.

The game lasted 6 turns and was quite bloody.  The butcher's bill: Nobelonga warriors: 7 warriors including the chieftan,  4 Out of the Fight and left behind, 2 killed and 1 escaped. 3 Monkey Boys, 1 Out of the Fight, 1 killed and 1 left the table. 4 Shield Maidens, the leader was killed, the other 3 survived, though 2 retired, but not off the table.

There are now 2 possible future battles. Krogar should attempt to rescue the Nobelonga warriors before Lilia sacrifices them, and Lilia will only be strengthened in her desire to kill Renee!